Putin accuses Obama of hostility, meddling


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So much fior Abbott's threat to shirtlift him.

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I know you are buy what am I?

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Put in tells it like it is, Texas Strait Talk style.

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Yep, Obama is a meddler. Putin just overtook a part of a country, so he's a meddler. So is Merkel. David Cameron does his best. Abe would love to be a meddler. No one who becomes a leader in one of the G-12 countries doesn't NOT want to be a meddler. That's why run to be a leader, so you can meddle.

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The sanctions and especially the drop in oil prices must be getting to Vlad.

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Pot. Kettle. "Black".

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The west forgets that Russia is still a regional power with nukes. I think they, whether valid or not, have a fear of being encircled. Give east Ukraine more autonomy and let's be done with this issue

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Put in tells it like it is, Texas Strait Talk style.

LOL. Laughed so hard I almost choked on that one. Putin is nothing more than an ex-KGB thug who only knows one way to operate, both dometically and Internationally, with force, or the threat of it. What has got him so frustrated is that Obama has the guts to call a spade a spade, because unlike the EU countries, the U.S. is not dependent on Russian energy or have as significant a level of economic interests there (think Mercedes and BMW). Plus, he knows full well that the U.S. is now the world's only super-power, and as Obama said a few months back, "Russia is nothing but a regional power". And that makes him furious that Obama would have the b@lls to be that frank.

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No one appears to be concerned with the victim's of this international Gang fight, this child like school-yard temper of these so-called super-powers. I am sickened at watching Obomber, and his display of high moral standards, pointing the finger at Russia. A Nobel peace prize winner, you have got to be kidding ! This is worst than the prison yard in folsom. Everybody calling shots and no one backing down. And that's just the way it Is. !

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Putin also called on Brussels to give its backing to the controversial South Stream gas pipeline project.

Putin would LOVE for another pipeline to pass through his country on the way to another. He's already shown how he uses such pipelines: When the Ukraine did something Putin did not like, the valves feeding natural gas to the Ukraine were shut off by the Russian government. Be skeptical, Brussels, be VERY skeptical.

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Putin accuses Obama of hostility, meddling

Classic! Putin has no remorse no shame. Just little less than 50% Russian did not vote for Putin last time.

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"the Kremlin strongman"

They still have strongmen in the Kremlin?

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(and) remember what discord between large nuclear powers can do to strategic stability,” Putin said

Here the point

NATO coming TOO close to Russian borders

The result can be only nuclear disaster

It will be NO " great western victory upon Russia "

Only nukes flying low and high

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Putin reiterated that Moscow was ready to mend fences with Washington but only if its interests are genuinely taken into account.

Looks like Moscow has a few more fences to mend than the one with Washington. How about Moscow explaining the legality of invading and annexing foreign territory. And do the explaining to the world in the United Nations, not to an obscure daily paper.

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presto345 . How about Moscow explaining the legality of invading and annexing foreign territory.

You have seen Russian Marines near Sapporo ?

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