Putin attends joint military drills with China


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It kind of strange of Russia not sending them troop too Ukraine,unless he know something we do not know,unless the B team is fighting in Ukraine and these are being held back too protect Russian from invasion

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Putin is probably hurting militarily so he wants to buy something from China like with N. Korea and Iran.

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Let it be known loud and clear that India is NOT a nation that can be trusted by the West. That they collaborate in military exercises with Russia (who have invaded Ukraine and are killing innocent civilians daily) and warlike China says a lot about the crooked Indian leadership.

India should be kicked out of the QUAD. They are no ally of Japan or other free democracies.

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Putin is in for a huge shock one day, when he realises the only real danger of an invasion of Russia wasn’t from NATO, but China.

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A easy way to pass lots of munitions from China to Vlad The Invader too.

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If he looks through the spy glass hard enough, mini-me will see his navy trading away equipment for fuel, food and booze.

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Meanwhile Biden’s in his basement. Putin’s a hero.

Actually Biden is in PA knocking the rhetorical crap out of Cheeto-Jesus.

If by "hero" you mean "murdering war criminal and plunderer of Russian state coffers", then yes, he is a "Hero" albeit one with shaky hands, thus the resting them on the desk while looking tough.

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TV showed Putin limping into the room.

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Limping could be an indication that Putin is suffering from Athlete's foot.

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