Putin blasts U.S., West over NATO before Serbia visit


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He said that while the West leads wrong policies in the Balkans, Russia "knows and understands the complexity of the Balkans and history of the region."

Under the czars and Stalin Russia/USSR vied with other empires in invasions of and 'meddled' in the affairs of various Balkan states.

Putin's trying to re-establish and expand the Russian empire while leading Russia in weakening any opposition. And he's got Russian gas, oil and coal to use as leverage (and further pollute the skies of Europe).

Russia, US and China: leave sovereign states alone.

World: stop burning so much fuel. Find alternatives.

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The irony is that under Stalin, and at least up until Tito's death in 1980 and the Balkan Wars of the 1990s, the old Soviet Union had very little influence in Serbia/Yugoslavia. Tito broke away from the Soviet Bloc in 1948 and established the Non-Aligned Movement in 1961, seriously pissing off the Soviets. So this is an attempt by Putin at re-establishing a historical link that goes back to the 19th century, based on common ties of religion, Slavic ethnicity, history etc.

The problem is that Serbia is still very much politically sidelined in Europe, thanks to the break-up of Yugoslavia and the subsequent wars in Bosnia and Kosovo particularly. The country's democracy is shaky, and there's a very strong sense of resentment there towards the West, justified or not. Serbia needs all the friends and assistance - from wherever - that it can get.

So I would argue there's a very strong case for the Americans - and the Europeans - to be more involved in Serbia, rather than allowing Putin to make all the running. There's already a fair bit of European investment in the country, as well as from Russia, Turkey and China. That's facing in the wrong direction, in my opinion. The West could substantially improve the situation by facilitating Serbia's membership of the EU, rather than constantly delaying it.

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I wish Mr Putin good luck and may God bless his legacy! Valdmir Putin deserves to be the supreme ruler of Pan-Slavic region, which covers the areas of Soviet Union and former Warsaw pact countries and Non-Warsaw communist countries in eastern Europe! The Serbs were very gallant people although their country is small, they fired the first shot of WW1, they were heros like Mr. Putin!

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