Putin calls on Ukraine rebels to postpone secession vote


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Putin words has no credibility to the rest of the world and among some Russians.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called on pro-Moscow separatists in Ukraine to postpone a vote on secession just 5 days

Too late. Figuratively speaking, the engine is running....

The United States and European Union...have threatened to impose much wider sanctions if Moscow takes further steps to interfere in Ukraine.

So, if Moscow takes further steps to protect Russian-speaking population in Ukraine of aggressive attacks of neoNAZIs and fascists, to restore Law and Order, the USA and EU will impose much more wider sanctions to Russia, right? Teaming up with junta in Kiev, fascists and neoNAZIs who killed people in cold blood during Odessa massacre. Thank you for demonstration your True Colours. I think, Slavic World will appreciate it.

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So Putin is flip-flopping, finally realizing that nothing was happening in the eastern Ukraine before the building takeovers. Good, now the tension should lower. Now let's see if what he says about Russian forces moving away from the border is true, unlike the first time.

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Maybe Putin does not want these aggressive pro-Russians into Russian society to stir up Russia? Puttin can not trust them in Russian society?

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The pro-Russian activists are not listening to even Putin. Why not? Because they are anarchists with their own agenda,

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Their agenda, like any oppressed minority, is an independent state and the right to self determination.

If they don't want to be part of the Ukraine and the Ukrainians don't like them they let them secede like Kosovo did and Scotland is trying to do.

Can you blame them for being peeved, their guy won the last election fair and square but he was forced out by an illegal coup by armed thugs and the new coup leaders aren't allowing any leaders from East Ukraine to run in the election. It's a two horse race between two politicians from West Ukraine. The people in East Ukraine have no candidates to vote for in the election scheduled for May 25th. All of the top leaders from their party, The Party of Regions, have been arrested or are being detained for unspecified periods, meaning until after the election so they can't run.

The country clearly has intractable animosity. The best solution is for the East to break off and let each side go its own way.

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Sanctions do bite don't they, Vlad

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Sanctions do bite don't they, Vlad

Actually, the sanctions are considered a badge of honor in Russia.

If you want into a Moscow nightclub and brag about being targeted by US sanctions you'll have Russian ladies swarming all over you.

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