Putin marks anniversary of annexation of Ukrainian regions as drones attack overnight


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Just celebrating a war crime at this point.

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Air defenses shot down 30 out of 40 Iranian-made kamikaze drones

For slow loiter drones such as these, anything below a 95% shoot down rate is considered an abysmal failure of air defences.

If 25% of the cheap Iranian made drones are making it through and hitting targets, it means Zelensky's air defences are failing.

Russia doesn't even have to expend their missiles anymore, just send 4 dirt cheap Iranian drones towards a target and 1 will register a hit.

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Russia doesn't even have to expend their missiles anymore, just send 4 dirt cheap Iranian drones towards a target and 1 will register a hit.

Yeah which is lucky because it’s harder for those drones to shoot down an SU-35.

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Celebrate? What, the fact that his hand-picked private warlord launched a military coup, killed Russian troops, shot down Russian planes, and occupied a Russian city?

Maybe celebrate his proud flagship Moskva resides at the bottom of the Black Sea or his new submarine Rostov-on-Don has a huge hole in its side?

Or maybe celebrate Finland and Sweden, and their first-rate, modern militaries, are now joining NATO?

Sure, Vlad has a lot to celebrate.

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In the dictionary under “an ugly human being” should be this photo Putin being used above.

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This all so sad and was totally avoidable by Ukraine. All they had to do was let the ethnic Russians of Donbas have their independence in small pieces of two of these oblasts. Instead they got greedy and lost huge chunks of four oblasts, and this on top of Crimea.

And what did they get? War, death and know, aside from those rotten few getting filthy rich, both in Ukraine and the West.

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This article mentions the concert in Red Square, held on Sep 30, which has been designated Reunification Day by signed executive order into law marking it a state holiday. The theme is One country, one family, one Russia.

In front of a packed house many artists performed including Shaman, Oleg Gazmanov, Grigory Leps, and others. Along with cultural dress and dancing from all regions, the national anthem was played with the mic passed around. Face painting, food stalls, Vologda ice cream and flags were in abundance.

Don't mention the Minsk agreements.

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Ride that T-34, Vladie!

That will show them how “strong” you are, lol.

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