Putin mocks Russia protesters


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After reading the article one can say "Puntin Mocks (US) McCain and (US) Paid Protesters."

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Putin is a Putz

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What's up with the protest? It's not like Czar Putin ever left his throne.

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PUT theboot IN

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He poked fun at the white ribbon that the protestors have used as their symbol—saying he thought it was part of an anti-AIDS campaign

What a moron. And this was the guy who George Bush famously said he could trust just from looking him in the eye.

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Russis is quickly going back to its old way. Putin is a control freak who sadly won't let his power go.

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but ruthlessly mocked the opposition and rejected claims of election rigging.

Uhhuuh. So how does he explain away the statistical anomalies[1] and the obvious like the impossible and math defying > 100% voting rate and 98% voting for United Russia in Chechnya[2], really -that would be like 95% of voters voting for GWBush in California or New York.



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Putin blames everything on the U.S just like some ultra-nationalist Japanese. Hell if the wind blows the wrong way it must have been encouraged by all the hot air from the GOP.

YES, Putin, YES, you are right. Thanks for the credit. If you lose it'll be because of the U.S.

You see, we created this weapon of mass destruction from another weapon of mass destruction. A fail-safe system to launch our nuclear weapons after an initial strike on our country was TRANSFORMED to this NEW WMD called ......The Internet.

You see.....(diabolically speaking)....we figured out a way to invade your homes, injecting the idea of freedom of speech in the minds of your youth that will spend most of their lives on the Internet.

You've got no choice have to pull the have to suspend democracy IF you want to win. You have to muzzle anyone that has a problem with you.

Do it, and then the world will see your true colors. There was once a man, like Putin, who craved power over all things. A man who hated what the West represented. A man who needs no introduction...

We can add Putin to the list of people that fear the Internet.

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"And this was the guy who George Bush famously said he could trust just by looking him in the eye"

Bush never let his personal feelings interfere with U.S. policy toward Russia or anything else.

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Never, never trust Putin. He is a blood thirst KGB. Many prisoners including journalists of Russia (1000) die within the first year of imprisonment. Who is behind of this? Right, PUTIN!!

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