Putin OKs revised Russian national security strategy


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Let me guess, more vodka.

Puttie, the United States Navy can and will sail anywhere its ’allowed by international law. That includes the waterway you claim under your illegal annexation of Crimea.

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Fair point but that is not the subject of this article and forceful annexation is not made better by a suspect vote.

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At the same time, Moscow “considers it legitimate to take symmetrical and asymmetric measures” to thwart and prevent “unfriendly actions" by foreign states that "threaten the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation.”

Countries have the right to defend themselves. Simple concept. And the US respects the rights of those countries, which is why it doesn't fly over Russian territory in Crimea.

It recognizes countries' sovereignty, which is why it supports Israel's right to defend its land and similar recognizes Russia's agreement with the people of Crimea.

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P. SmithToday  09:52 pm JST

Never miss an opportunity to mention Israel.

A logical analogous statement that is fitting for this article and the accompanying posts.

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A country you have mentioned twice here, and I have only once?

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All of are all missing the point on maritime law. The term "Innocent Passage" in the context of maritime law means a ship may pass through the territorial waters of another nation if doing so is the fastest route from one port to another. The ship doing so must pass through these territorial waters as expeditiously as possible, may not stop, fish, conduct military operations or do anything else but pass through and go on their way. There is no restriction on military ships using innocent passage per se, but again they cannot conduct any kind of military operations and must hasten through without stopping. The Brits muddied the waters by claiming Russia has no claim to those waters. If they had stuck to the story the ship was exercising innocent passage and left it at that the Russians would have no grounds to complain.

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which is why it doesn't fly over Russian territory in Crimea.

Are you sure about that? Let's just say in my own experience US aircraft very much flew over Russian and other unfriendly country's airspace. I think the US has air vehicles that can fly pretty much anywhere undetected now. We have a long history of flying things like B-50s (updated B-29 and a few were shot down over Russia), U-2s, SR-71s and others over PRC and the USSR back in the day. I would actually be disappointed if the US wasn't flying a stealth something over Russia and China. Satellites can only capture so much and the fellows on the ground hide stuff when the satellite passes over. Aircraft can arrive unannounced and see what the satellite missed. Just saying .................

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