Putin says Russia and North Korea will expand bilateral relations: KCNA

By Josh Smith

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Two desperate, tyrannical rogue states trying to shore up their crumbling alliances.

Looking forward to hearing from our many resident Russia fanboys and how they spin this. Im sure they will have glowing things to say about North Korea - how "strong" Little Rocket Man is and how "powerful" NK has become, how they will take it to the "evil west". Or some such hilarity.

The sooner Lil Putler and Lil Rocket Man are extinguished the better.

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Let the Games Begin

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nothing unexpected especially if both countries share short landline state border...

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When you are wooing the North Koreans, you are running out of friends and look like a pathetic jerk.

But then again, we have recent evidence of this w/ respect to the N. Koreans and their "love letters".

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Fat Man Kim: "You don't happen to have any tanks that DO NOT blow their turrets 200 m in the air, would you?"

Vladie: "Actually we were going to ask you that same question."

Kim: "Do you have ANYTHING of military value we could borrow?"

Vladie: That depends. Just how is boyancy important to you in a naval warship?

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Now Kim and Vlad can share novichok recipes much more easily.

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Putin is very short of friends and allies at home and abroad. Putin might request more nerve agents to steady his.

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The retired obese vodka loaded Russian general who Putin dragged back into service because he was short of leaders.

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It could mean more advanced nuclear weapons for North Korea. Trump claimed while in office he had resolved the NK issues. Guess not.

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so ANYone want to talk about what a renewed Russia and North Korea relationship means for the world?

without whining about US politics?

There’s the rub. Whether people acknowledge it or not, most of Russia’s recent actions are about U.S. politics. About menial spats among Biden, Trump, and others in the ruling class? No. About American imperialism and hegemony? Definitely. And so it’s impossible to divorce a discussion about Russian-North Korean ties from America because a primary reason for those closer ties is America.

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....only that it's pretty sad of Putin if he's looking to the DPRK for 'friendship'

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This is why Russia can't have nice things.

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Russia won't have 'nice things' again until Putin is dead. That could be tomorrow or in 20 years time, Assassinated or natural causes. Russia will NEVER be welcomed back into the international community until he's dead.

Its 'ok' now for sure as a Russian citizen, yeah, fast food, fast fashion, tech pulled out - but we are only seven months in. In 2-3 years time and life returns to the dark ages of 1970's communism at its most oppressive that is when we might see some dissent internally.

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This is dangerous for the world when politics/propaganda is used to push away certain countries from the world. These countries feel left out/persecuted and it causes them to take actions that are in their own interests as self preservation/responses in anger. Then those countries get together as their own group and we have world wars and other conflicts where innocent people die. Leaders get famous, the elite get rich, everyone else suffers.

Less political grandstanding, more negotiations and understanding of the concerns/situations of the entire world not just "the West". NATO/EU is just being used as a unified attack on everyone else with the US playing the funder/bully role in the background. Which world organization is tasked with bringing the world together? it used to be the US filling this role, but lately they have abandoned that negotiation/diplomacy role and started taking sides based on propaganda.

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Russia will NEVER be welcomed back into the international community until he's dead.

Agree with this. He has Quadaffi-ed himself (If that wasn't a verb before, it is now.) There are no circumstances under which Putie-led Russia will ever be welcome (except at meetings of the UN and G-20 - As long as their economy stays in the top 20, which it won't) in a group of nations meeting with the major powers ever again with the notable exception of China. And even then, it will be for appearances sake.

Nope, from here on out, it's the DPRK, Myanmar, Venesuala, various money-laundering islands, etc.

Perhaps this meeting w/ Kim is a dry run for a country that actually might make a difference. Kind of like speed-dating to warm up for a real one?

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I thought they were already joined at the hip. They’re both so similar.

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Unfortunately Putin is aligning with Evil Forces

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you have pretty much hit rock bottom when your only friends are Belarus, North Korea, China and Iran. lolllll I hope they accept toilet paper as payment to be your friend because that is more valuable than the Ruble now.

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you have pretty much hit rock bottom when your only friends are Belarus, North Korea, China and Iran. lolllll

No worries, with all the petrolium they wont be selling, they can bring in some heavy equipment and start digging.

But yes, Yes indeed.

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Nothing else can be expected. They had the same basic commie education in their youth and now the same dictators’ genes.

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Back to a bipolar world, the falling empire of the US and its vassal states on one side and the growing empire of China, stagnant empire of Russia and their vassal states on the other. People need to be aware that the US and Europe are hampered by their election cycles. China and Russia don't have this problem so can take a much more long term view. Lets come back in 20-30 years and see how things are going. Interesting times ahead.

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how do you explain since the end of WW2 your country has caused about 19 wars, murdering and slaughtering hundreds of thousands? So are you saying it is bad that you have stopped doing that?

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Do you think Putin can be realistically negotiated with? 

Certainly. By skilled negotiators who are experienced in diplomacy. Or is he just too much for anyone to beat? If so that’s a problem

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A couple of bad eggs getting together. What an awful smell will accompany such a gathering.

5 ( +10 / -5 )

@Blacklabel: Too much for anyone to beat? Actually, Yes -because his stated motives are not genuine. I honestly can't think of one negotiator, that is high profile enough and would satisfy all concerned to be acceptable. I don't think Putin is 'insane' or 'mad' as such but he is a total megalomaniac who is not going to back down on his ambitions - which I think are now as clear as day. Give him the Donbas he'l want more. Next will be what he considers 'disputed regions' of Moldova and Georgia with their back to the wall.

I'm not going to say the name bit I think we can all guess who you 'think' could calm the situation. I wouldn't say he was 'diplomatic' in any shape or form

Sadly, I think we are in for years of a war of attrition in the region that we al have to hope that there isn't a 'accident' where even a low yield battlefield nuclear weapon is used.

Failure for him is simply not an option. So, as I said earlier until he is dead and buried this will be an ongoing situation

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Hardly unexptected since China and Russia are North Korea's benefactors. But it's possible Putin wants Kim to shoot off even more missles than usua.

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theres a rumor that Kim had reached out to Putin and offered to send some of his army to Ukraine, as Russia helped NK in a similar war before

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine happened in Feb and took two years of planning, 2020/2021.

Putin has lied every day since before his invasion which he also denied he would do.

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine happened in Feb and took two years of planning, 2020/2021.

Putin has lied every day since before his invasion which he also denied he would do.

The Ukraine "invasion" started at least back in 2014 with the US initiated coup, however, you could go back much further to the NATO advance and breaking of accords.. All laying the groundwork for today's problem.

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Timeline: The events leading up to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Annexation of Crimea by Russia. Occupation of the Kherson Oblast portion of Crimean peninsula (Strilkove) from March to December 2014.

April 2014: Pro-Russian separatists in the eastern region of Donbass declare independence. Some 15,000 people have been killed since 2014 in fighting between the separatists and the Ukrainian army, according to the Kyiv government.

2019: Former comic actor Volodymyr Zelenskiy is elected president.

Feb. 21: In a TV address, Putin says Ukraine is an integral part of Russian history and has a puppet regime managed by foreign powers. Putin orders what he called peacekeeping forces into two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, after recognising them as independent.

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Brothers reunion! During the Korean war when the USSR,China,North Korea fought the common enemy at the 38th parallel, our fathers,grand fathers sheld their blood on the ground,the hills and in the air. Our family heritage reminded us to March forward, today we are all fully nuclear armed and invincible!

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I think the two breakaway east Ukrainian republics(Luhansk,Donestsk)were very much admiring China and her social system Thats why they adopted the title: People's Republic !

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The Ukraine "invasion" started at least back in 2014

you can’t ‘invade’ your own country.

to the NATO advance

Are Putin fanboys still spouting this nonsense ?

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Putin is desperate.

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