Putin, Xi flip pancakes at Russian economic forum


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China and Russia are historically more like: "not close friends, but not enemies neither"

Closer economically now due to the sanctions, but still competing for the ex-Soviet nations - which Russia wants to unite in an economic block with Russia at its head, but China wants to dominate with its New Silk Road. So they're competing for influence

Militarily, Russia is the major arms supplier to India and Vietnam - both Chinese enemies. Russia wouldn't want to end those lucrative arms deals, so there won't be no military alliance soon

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I am NO Trumpkins but I do applauding how he manage international relationship especially his attempt to assassin Bashir Assad! If Trump go ahead to take out Assad that will brought a stronger military bonding between the Sino Russian military alliance! Assad is replaceable but that shocking will causing outrages around the world! The two countries marching at the same direction will achieve a future world like Chinese troops fighting alongside with Russian in Baltic states or Russian navy fighting alongside with Chinese in Taiwan strait or South China sea! This is what a military alliance truly exceed those days in Korean war! Lets hope Trump attack Iran, he is very maverick over that country!

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Trump has united our enemies and dispelled our allies.

Feeling great again, Trumpkins?

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China and Russia is at the finest military alliance since Stalin and Mao 1950!

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Two people without whom the people of both Russia and China would be better off.

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These guys are the real international community.

Only to those who love corrupt "leadership". What Trump wishes he could be...

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Looks fun to be a dictator !

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@burningbush These guys are the real international community.

The above an example of a nationalist's skewed perspective. The remainder of the international community are...?

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China and Russia comprise a larger portion of humanity than NATO, almost twice as much in fact.

These guys are the real international community.

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