Qatar's ruler urges world leaders not to boycott Taliban


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Dialogue? Sure. Best interests of all. Recognition? Another thing completely!

To imply that it is the responsibility of the UN or any other organization or country to extend formal recognition and diplomatic relations - at least at this point, for what the record is before us today - is nothing short of absurd.

Let Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani and his pals come back before the international community AFTER they have denounced once and for all any ties and support to international terrorism, AND after exhibiting sincere proof of a commitment to extend and protect human rights and the rights of women, ALONG WITH complete transparancy and full cooperation with international aid groups, inspectors and watchdogs.

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Word just in, now, is the Taliban want to speak at the General Assembly’s high-level meeting of world leaders this week.

This is just the sort of perfidious nonsense that the world community in general - and the U.N. Credentials Committee in particular - should shun, absent concrete proof that the Taliban have merited the right to appear.

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Qatar clearly has quite an interest in supporting The Taliban.

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Let the aid flow, right after women's rights are restored.

The Taliban are oppressing 50+% of all Afghans. That is not ok.

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The Taliban are opposing 95% of all Afghans like evicting people from 3,000 homes for use by their fighters.

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Get lost.

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Thete is no easy solution to the issue of regimes that abuse the human rights of citizen. Change cannot be imposed from the outside, it has to come from within.

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For years until the present, the United Nations has proudy proclaimed its support for the rights of women. And rightfully so.

No where did the UN and all of its high commissioners did they preface their support for half of the planet's population on pretext and political opportunism. Including and especially the bizarre coddling of this fundamentally unstable militia and their humanity-impared extremist mob. The Taliban extreme disdain for women is as well documented as it is aberrant, and must not be rewarded.

If the UN insists on giving the Taliban what they want - recognition and a voice - they will unfortunately prove once and for all that their support for women AND human rights issues is absolutely NOTHING more than opportunist claptrap.

Does the UN really want to be shown once and for all as opposing issues necessary for women everywhere, beyond any reasonable doubt and beyond the hope of any future redemption?

Refuse Taliban's participation in the UN.

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The world has been given the Taliban's answer. Give us what we want, and we'll think about giving out human rights.

From Aljazeera, today:

Also on Monday, the Taliban’s deputy information minister Zabihullah Mujahid said the group would address international human rights concerns only after formal recognition by those countries.

“As long as we are not recognised, and they make criticisms [over rights violations], we think it is a one-sided approach. It would be good for them to treat us responsibly and recognise our current government as a responsible administration,” Mujahid told Afghanistan’s Tolo News.

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Also on Monday, the Taliban’s deputy information minister Zabihullah Mujahid said the group would address international human rights concerns only after formal recognition by those countries.

If they want to be part of the UN, it's up to them to change their behavior to be accepted, not for the UN to change for the Taliban.

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