Quebec mosque shooter's 40-year sentence cut almost in half on appeal

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He methodically fired dozens of shots, retreating to a safe area to reload his nine-millimeter pistol at least four times, "like he was playing a video game," recounted one witness at his trial.

He started his attack with a semi-automatic rifle, for which he had two 30 round magazines. This rifle jammed on the first shot, so he used the pistol.

On one hand, it's an argument for banning high capacity magazines as the body count would probably have been a lot higher had his rifle not jammed and been abandoned. More bullets, less reloading. On the other, he killed six people and injured 19, reloading four times and shooting 48 bullets in less than two minutes using a handgun. Handguns get much less attention in the gun debate.

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I guess they don't have a death penalty there. Cause this guy deserves it.

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So 25 years is the period he'll have to serve before becoming eligible for parole. 40 is the actual sentence.

Still doesn't seem adequate for murdering six people in cold blood, and he was trying for more.

When that parole comes around, assuming this jerk is still alive, I hope it's summarily rejected.

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Needs a whole life sentence.

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I am unfamiliar with the Canadian justice system, but I believe the Supreme Court of Canada should review this. It would be inappropriate for one provincial court to make an interpretation which concerns the national Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Concurrent sentences would allow no extra punishment regardless of how many worshipers were killed. Two, twenty, two hundred - the same 25 years would be meted out. The drafters of the 2011 change surely considered the CCRF when deciding that consecutive sentences would be appropriate.

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