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Quebec mosque shooting suspect charged with murdering 6 people


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Trump is gasoline into the fire and it spreads accordingly when you have no legitimate leader of the free world.

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RIP innocent victims. Condolences to family and friends.

According to CBC

the suspect was "unfortunately known to several activists in Quebec City for his pro-Le Pen and anti-feminist positions

in other words, a rightist (who happened to have a gun), to me the scariest of all North Americans. The truth (there is such a thing) is coming out.

It's scary that on this JT board one of the rightists who boasts of his gun carrying rights wrote this shortly after the news broke:

TV news is reporting here this morning that the shooters were both Syrian "refugees" who entered Canada just over a week ago. . . .

Fake news like this is propagated by the alt right media (assuming the poster didn't just make it up in an attempt to enflame) and those who believe the alt right media quickly spread the lies. Fortunately there are journalists and media outlets that are honest in what they report. Unfortunately there are those that don't. With a free press we have to accept that reality. Those who dismiss media and use terms like MSM to disparage reports that don't fit their limited worldview are some of the greatest dangers to having a free press.

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Since the US is famous for lone gunmen, Canada might want to close their borders to Americans. Because you never can be too safe.

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U.S. President Donald Trump called Trudeau to express his condolences “and offered to provide any assistance as needed,”

I sincerely hope that Mr.Trueau told him, "No thanks, you've stirred up enough trouble already", in no uncertain terms.

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Funny how just yesterday some of those that frequent this site were chalking this up to more Muslim terrorism. You notice how they are conveniently silent now seeing how this attack was committed by a French Canadian.

Of course, whenever a white dude commits an act of terror, it's "lone wolf." Whenever anyone of color does the same, it's "terrorist."

exactly. excellent point Joe.

Since the US is famous for lone gunmen, Canada might want to close their borders to Americans. Because you never can be too safe.


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There should be a lot of ashamed, apologetic Islamophobes on the Internet, given how many of them jumped on the witness name, released as one of the detained, being Arabic, as an excuse to claim this was a terrorist attack by Muslims.

Well, there should be, but the folks who get a dirty pleasure from screaming hatred, bigotry, and ignorance and having it treated as acceptable discourse are incapable of being shamed by being proven (once again) to be ignorant bigots.

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Not a common name in Syria. Maybe he invented it to hoodwink the authorities into believing that he had French roots, when posing as a refugee?

Or could I be missing something...?

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This is the exact problem that will come out of all the hateful rhetoric that has been spreading since Trump has become president. This was not a lone wolf. He was aided by the hate found on the internet, by those sharing his views and by the fear that has been spouted by the Trump administration. I wish Prime Minister Treaudeu would have told him that he should ease up on his vile campaign of hatred as a way to prevent future acts like this from happening. Stay strong Canada and let's go after all the other terrorist that pushed for this to happen.

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For the last 50 years, Quebec has adopted an official policy of language and culture purity unrivaled in the western world. Language Police literally patrol the streets looking for businesses not using French as the main language. Quebec's unique culture is funded and supported and promoted at the expense of all others. This has produced a culture of xenophobia, of bigotry and startling racism that is immediately evident to anyone stepping out of the Metropolitan areas. Casual rascism and hostility toward immigrants from politicians and government officials is frequently ignored by the English language media, and when it is picked up its given a pass - because it's part of their unique culture that must be nurtured lest Canada be divided.

It is that environment that produced this criminal. But it's so much easier to blame Trump.

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Bissonnette has stated that he likes Donald Trump. To protect American lives, I suggest a ban on all Trump supporters entering the United States until we can figure out what is going on.

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Well it turns out the killer was a white supremacist Trump supporter. Big surprise there right?!!


Now tell me again how Trump and his followers aren't bad for the world?

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Condolences to our friends in Canada on this sad day.

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Being a French Canadian does not preclude one from being a card carrying terrorist.

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