Queen's London representative says royals back BLM movement


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So Merkle, Oprah and Michelle Obama calls you racist and the best way to prove them wrong is supporting a Marxist movement?

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But you do realise, while all others take the knee, the queen never does.

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They all were and most probably still are racist to a degree , Imagine queennie and co before their trip to some colonial outpost ' well tallyho ,lets go and remember to smile '

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Good for them. Even Royals can move with the times.

The scum racists and white-supremacists who boo Black athletes at sporting events like soccer are dinosaurs on the wrong side of history.

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Unlikely, the Queen as a matter of rule never takes Sides.

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Unlikely, the Queen as a matter of rule never takes Sides.

Yes, but she does allow others to do it for her.

One of the unexpected side-effects for me of this ongoing war of words between the always dignified Queen and the shallow and self-absorbed Markles is that it's turned me into a bit of a monarchist. At least while Her Maj is still around, anyway.

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Does she even know what BLM is, I wonder

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Of course the Queen knows what BLM is, she’s not an idiot.

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Whilst BLM has Financing from the CCP, I'm clearly not going to Support them. I don't need to support some quasi-organization in order to know what's right and what's wrong.

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Doesn't really matter... does it.

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The best queen

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"Unlikely, the Queen as a matter of rule never takes Sides."

The Queen pinned medals on the uniforms of Paratroopers who murdered innocent people on Bloody Sunday.

The Royal Family are the symbolic head of the British Armed Forces.

They are in so much trouble with Andrew and their wayward son, this smacks of desperation.

That all said, I have nothing against the British having their own Monarchs. Its none of my business, best of luck to them - unless they support the occupation of Northern Ireland, which they do.

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