Queen Elizabeth reflects on 'deep' affection for Scotland


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Och, look at wee Bonnie Prince Charlie!

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“The eyes of the world will be on the United Kingdom — and Scotland, in particular — as leaders come together to address the challenges of climate change," she said.

Good of her to draw attention to this. Humanity is on the line.

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I hadn’t realised that it’s SNP policy to retain the monarchy.

There is probably a range of opinions within the SNP. I think the SNP want to keep that issue out of any independence debate. Probably a wise position. After achieving independence, I guess Scotland would initially be in a similar position to Commonwealth countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Malawi, etc. Then take it from there. (Some might argue that Scotland should head the Commonwealth given the history of the monarchy, and that England be a member state. :-) )

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I hadn’t realised that it’s SNP policy to retain the monarchy. As zichi says, the Queen has no constitutional power whatsoever to grant or even influence the decision on Scottish independence, although given her love for Balmoral it’s reasonable to assume she’d prefer Scotland to stay as part of the UK. Plus, of course, the Scottish people have to vote for their independence in a referendum, which they did not do the last time they had the chance just a few years ago.

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Beef, salmon, and Scotch are good but skip the haggis.

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Congratulations on this occasion to proud Scotland, both terrible and beautiful, a complex country of darkness and light. If you ever visit the British Isles, make sure to see Scotland and enjoy what she has to offer.

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The queen lacks any political power and certainly can not give independence to Scotland.

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Deep affection for those you people subjugated. Express your affection by giving Scotland independence.

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