Queen delivers Christmas message


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The Queen’s Speech was quite sad, you could feel her loss. We don’t usually watch it, but we did switch over for it today.

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Queen of England has had an eventful year but for the people of the UK it’s been much more eventful…

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She’s doing well for a 95 year old, has been a tumultuous year for her and her country.

Did I miss the Christmas message from Japan Today yesterday? Was there one?

Moderator: See Picture of the Day for Saturday.

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I think she is more respected by foreigners or British foreigners than the real British who just like to get drunk in the pub. Well, it's their life to like who and who afterall.

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Why 83%? What is your source? Also, how about a percentage of those indifferent, like me?

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Right you are Japan Today.

@BackpackingNepal - I’m sure she still garners a lot of respect from most British. I’m neither a republican nor monarchist, but I’d say she’s been quite well regarded most of her life. Be happy to have a beer with her any day! Lol

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The speech was so dull my mother fell asleep watching it.

She never mentioned Andrew which was as big a story as her husband's death last year

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Queen Elizabeth II is the heart and soul of the nation

The Queen's Christmas Broadcast 2021

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It's a shame about Randy Andy & his play boy antics...what an imbecile.

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Merry Christmas to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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That was quite touching, itsonlyrocknroll. Thank you.

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You'd have to think it was another annus horribilis part two for her.

That was hilarious as most people thought she talking about a nasty case of hemorrhoids. In the following week Buckingham Palace received numerous packets of arse grape cream for her "Nobbies."

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