Questions abound about Harry and Meghan moving to Canada

By Adrian DENNIS

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Meghan has been nothing but trouble for the British monarchy and it would behoove Canada to refuse them residency.

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I wish Canada well and hope all their neighbors don't get inconvenienced by the relocation.

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But since the couple's announcement, Canadian media have been tepid on the idea, focusing largely on who will pay the hefty security costs for hosting Prince Harry and Meghan.

Regarding security, it seems to me the Queen should pay it from her personal funds. Regardless of whether they are official representatives, they are at risk because of their relationship to the Queen. If they or their child were kidnapped, the motivation would be to extort money from the Crown. I'm sure all multi-billionaires pay for security for their families. As private citizens, this is not an expense taxpayers in either country should be responsible for. However, if they are operating in an official role of some sort, that changes the situation.

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enjoy Canada. Have no idea what her character on a tv show being likable has to do with anything.

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Prince Harry, sixth in line to the throne, and Meghan announced the move after spending several weeks in Canada celebrating Christmas with their son Archie.

I don't know how much longer Prince Harry will be a prince. The queen recently issued an official statement where she referred to the (soon to be former?) Sussexes as Harry and Megan. Faux pas or things to come?

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Harry will remain a prince until the day he dies and beyond.

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God, I hope they go somewhere else. Or divorce. Meghan is proving to be an all too typical spoiled actress. She imagined herself in the role of "princess" after marrying Harry. Unfortunately, the British people far prefer Katherine- she is elegant, cultured, modest, and firmly committed to public service. Meghan is only committed to servicing Meghan. Her jealousy of Katherine is the root of this problem.

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Canadians like them, so it makes sense

We'll see who's paying for the costs tho

The Brits would like it if it would cost the taxpayers less

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