Singer R. Kelly arrested in Chicago on sex crime charges


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Lock him up.

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Probably the tip of the iceberg in the entertainment industry. Rather than lecture us on morality they ought to take an inward look.

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He needs to be put away for a long long time.

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Here we go again, trial by media. Don't care about him, but every person has a right to a fair trial when accused of something, that 's part of living in a democratic country, but, seems we are getting more and more like NK

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Here we go again, trial by media.

No. Trial by Cook County prosecutors. And about time, too.

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Here we go again, trial by media.

The media has done what it should, talked to victims, possible witnesses etc.

Now the prosecutors need to do their job.

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@Concerned Citizen,


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Always thought Kelly was scum. He and Epstein are two peas in a pod, so now they’ll have their day in court, hopefully we can see some justice coming and hope the victims rightfully get it.

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Wow all of you on here sound like you were there when all these alleged actions were supposed to be happening. Makes me thing of a posse and lynching

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