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Rafah battles intensify after Israel seizes key Gaza-Egypt corridor


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quote: the war could go on until the year's end.

I suspect it will go on until at least the 5th November 2024. Every civilian death erodes Biden's support and Netanyahu needs Trump, whether he is in prison or not, to be the next US president.

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Israel doing what it wants despite treaty with Egypt, UN Court rulings. agencies like MSF and World Food Bank and all countries calling for ceasefire.

Now THATS how you make your country an international pariah state that no one wants have cordial relations with.

And Hamas ? Still fighting in area Israel declared "cleared " months ago.


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Zionists are licking their lips as they seize more Lebensraum for "Greater Israel" from the Gazans, but Israelis will be paying a high price for all the blood spilled and treasure destroyed and soon they will be licking their own wounds as resistance to the Occupier grows in Palestine and around the world and demands for justice to end the 80-year Calvary of the Palestinian people become impossible to ignore any longer.

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Israeli war criminals should be in jail then hanged!

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Other media reporting that a high level US official resigned over the "rewording " of a Departmental report on aid being blocked by Israel from entering Gaza.

This result would have meant arms sales to Israel would have to be stopped.

The "offending passage " was removed {so now, no mention of Israel blocking aid }, and presented to Congress in its "expurgated form "

Jewish influence at work again......Jeez....US Government afraid of a nation of 10 million.....

Ahh....but the money....the money....eases all troubled conscience.

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What the MSM is not reporting {at least ,widely is that at present there is a Summit in China between Chinese leaders and the leaders of the Arab world, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, among other states.

On the table for discussion from the Arabs, is how to end the Gaza war and how to reduce US influence all over the ME

A proposal for trade to Europe involve a link avoiding the sea lanes ,including Suez canal, and various other water ways subject to blockades etc, , and replace this route with an overland one linking China and India going overland to Uzbekistan , {I may have misheard this nations name } through parts of Russia , and on to Europe.

Europe wants to trade, Germany is sorely in need of energy if it is to continue being an economic power and trade giant.

Everyone else wants an end to US dominance and an unhinged Israel doing what it pleases and creating turmoil and mistrust in the area.

Interesting times ahead. China, as usual, playing the long game.

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""Slovenia's parliament speaker said lawmakers in the former Yugoslav republic would vote Tuesday on whether to join the recognition moves. Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz said a yes vote would be a "reward" to Hamas.""

Isn't that the point??

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History shows that Palestine was there before the so called Israel today was ever established. Many Arab Jews lived there side by side with the native Arabs Muslims and Christians before the idea of creating the state of Israel ever came about during and after WW2.

The idea of creating a state or a homeland for the Jews on the land of Palestine was conspired the British FM Mr. Balfour which is known as " The Balfour Declaration " in 1917, till this day the Palestinians are paying the price for this EVIL Declaration that created this Conflict.

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Breaking News, It sure looks like Pres. Biden just Put the brakes on this war, Bibi and his war mongers will soon be out of business, out of work.

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Occupier just want more territories, like always.


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Egypt, a longtime mediator in the conflict, has rejected claims of smuggling tunnels running beneath the buffer zone.

"Israel is using these allegations to justify continuing the operation on the Palestinian city of Rafah and prolonging the war for political purposes," a high-level Egyptian source was quoted as saying by state-linked Al-Qahera News.

I agree.

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Rafah battles intensify after Israel seizes key Gaza-Egypt corridor

Very promising to see Israel keep up the pressure in defending itself from the occupiers in Gaza.

Time to eliminate all the terrorists and their supporters.

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Hamas said later it had informed mediators that it would only agree a "comprehensive" truce agreement including a hostage-prisoner swap if Israel halts its "aggression".

Self-defense is supposed to be aggressive, especially when deployed against the worst terrorists seen since the Nazis.

History shows that Palestine was there before the so called Israel today was ever established. 

Sure, the land is not new.

The whole "Palestine State" cause though is new; maybe just under 60 years oid.

But there never was a country called Palestine. Never a Palestine King. No Palestine artifacts older than maybe 30 years.

The Jewish people have been there for thousands of years though, and Israel was a kingdom long ago.

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On Thursday, Israel said its army had killed about 300 Palestinian militants in Rafah since launching its operation in the city.

Keep up the heroic work.

Israel remains steadfast in the face of antisemitism and genocidal attacks on its citizens.

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