Rallies held in Australia for 2nd weekend; some banned


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Dear Demonstrators

Please read the news from other countries around the world and recognize that mass gatherings like yours do in fact compromise and even put at risk all the progress that Australia has made in the fight against Covid-19. It really isn't that essential that you get together publicly at this time, and by doing so you risk losing the support of many of the people who sympathise with your cause but are horrified by the risks you're taking not only with the health of your fellow citizens but also with your own.

No-one's asking you to abandon the cause. Just to postpone your public demonstrations of it for another month or two.


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@Bigyen I dont think they care.....

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All of that hard work, stress and tears for nothing. All it takes is one person in a crowd and the spread of infection will be uncontrollable.

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All it takes is one person in a crowd and the spread of infection will be uncontrollable.

And all it takes is one person in a crowd to turn an otherwise peaceful protest to a violent one, then escalate to a full blown riot, looting and vandalizing.

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From the Article: Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders comprise 2% of the the country's adult population but 27% of the prison population. They are also the most disadvantaged ethnic minority in Australia and have higher-than-average rates of infant mortality and poor health, as well as shorter life expectancy and lower levels of education and employment than other Australians.

That's been said of the black population in the U.S. for the past 60+ years. And the liberals continue to make excuses for their behavior stating these very same reasons. And the Blacks demand the White Man do something for them. Nothing has changed.

I don't know about the Aboriginal people in Australia, but from what I've read in this article, they suffer the same problems as the Blacks in the U.S. And I also suspect the root cause of the problem is that the Aboriginals (like their Black counterparts) are not willing to accept or respect the White Man's laws and see no reason to abide by them. They see the laws as oppressive and therefore acceptable in their eyes to break them. And any attempt to restrain them from breaking the laws is considered brutality and oppressive.

I wonder whether the Aboriginal people in Australia understand that whatever an Aboriginal person does is a reflection on ALL Aboriginals. And when an Aboriginal person (like his U.S. Black counterpart) breaks the laws, it reflects poorly upon his people. It should become incumbent on the Aboriginal people (as well as his Black counterpart in the U.S.) to discipline the law breaker, not discipline from the White Man. So long as they leave discipline to others (the White man in particular), they will always view themselves as a victim of society.

The Aboriginals must solve their problems themselves and through their own efforts; they must learn to discipline themselves when the law is broken and they must find the solutions to their social problems through their own efforts; not demand somebody else do it for them. Otherwise they will never gain the self respect and respect from others that they deserve.

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What ? how dare are they to stop the protest????? Just imitate what is happening in USA.. Lets go around and loot all the shops.. Put fire to all the shops ans churches, destroy all the monuments ... injure all the people who own anything... and blame Trump. Let the favor media to come and report it as a VERY peaceful demonstration ... in USA and Australia there is no freedom ... cry ..... hard ..

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@non party, what??

Have no problem with protests, it’s a democratic right in this country too (albeit you’ll need a permit to do en masse in the city) If we ever see looting and criminal damage during them then they’ll lose any support from the majority.

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The picture just cries out for one those famous Australian sports arena chants:

“You’re going home in the back of a Divvy Van!

You’re going home in the back of a Divvy Van!”

[Repeat ad infinitum until the police and the person they have apprehended disappear from sight]

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This is just plain and simple dumb in light of the current health crisis. How irresponsible can you be?

The Aboriginals must solve their problems themselves and through their own efforts; they must learn to discipline themselves when the law is broken and they must find the solutions to their social problems through their own efforts; not demand somebody else do it for them. Otherwise they will never gain the self respect and respect from others that they deserve.

This issue is extremely complex. Historically speaking, until 232 years ago the Indigenous people of Australia were a Stone Age people. From 1788 onwards they were roundly abused, marginalised, neglected, mistreated, murdered and until about 1968 considered Flora and Fauna. I know some people who still have their identification/classification card. This has bred extreme resentment. For a few years I had a lot to do with Aboriginal people and I do not ever expect to meet such a disenfranchised people again in my life. Most of them live off the State as welfare recipients, but hate the society that supports them. The communities are racked with violence, unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse, sexual abuse, poor education outcomes, crime etc. The Indigenous community is also extremely fractured and often feuding internally. Apart from a general identification as Aboriginal, there is little cooperation and cohesion between groups (250 different language groups). I have a couple Indigenous acquaintances, but in all honesty, when I come across Aboriginal people (rare where I live) I am wary due to crime and violence. It's just the reality. My hope is that one day Aboriginal people function socially completely equally to all other people in this society, but in truth it feels like it's light years away. Also, Aboriginal people have to really want that to make it happen, which I'm not convinced is the case at present.

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Bigyen* well done. Very diplomatic. If you don’t mind peeps, there’s a pandemic floating the airwaves in case you may have forgotten, or possibly not cared?

surely not.

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@Tamarama, that's the same liberal excuses and rationalizing I've heard in the U.S. regarding the Black people and Native American people, i.e., they are not responsible and accountable for the violent actions and crimes they commit in their communities due to being "disadvantaged, dysfunctional and victimized."

Since when is being accountable and responsible for your own actions is "plain dumb and irresponsible?" It is the liberals who are irresponsible when they make those excuses.

From what you've described of the Aboriginal people is not unlike the plight of the Native American experience in the U.S. I've been to a few Native American Reservations in the U.S. Yes, many reservations having the same social problems you describe. But there are many reservations where their people have learned to govern themselves and take responsibility to educate themselves and discipline themselves when someone in their community breaks the laws. They've overcome their stigma and moved on to be proud, self-sufficient, capable, and productive people in their own world.

And I've also met a few Native Americans who assimilated rather well in the so-called White Man's world and adapted very well. They told me that this was possible when they got past the "I am a victim of society" mentality.

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I am not making 'Liberal' excuses, these are simply historical facts and realities that are the background context that shape the contemporary situation of Aboriginal people in Australia. I can see the direct correlation to the First Nations people in North America. The last line of my post infers that the ultimate responsibility for all of this lays with the people themselves, because at the end of the day others are only going to do so much to help you; you have to assume responsibility for yourself.

Since when is being accountable and responsible for your own actions is "plain dumb and irresponsible?" It is the liberals who are irresponsible when they make those excuses.

I was referring to people mass rallying in the midst of a deadly pandemic, big fella.

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I like people for who they are, and how they behave, regardless to their Skin Colour, Religious Beliefs, or Political opinion - if you keep those to yourselves, and don't enforce any of those directions upon me, then we're ... "Cool"... and I respect you as an an equal to me, if not a better, as you may well be, intellectually - that, I respect.

Same goes for Environmentalists, a different bunch altogether. The hard-core activists, I dislike, the Scientists (of actual repute), I would like to see made recognised authorities within Society rather than being made Political toys.

The problem is getting them there to that standing - and those "Activists" are not helping their cause.. which sort of mirrors the BLM situation at present (which will fizzle out soon too), until the next situation...).

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Floyd, a black man, died in handcuffs while a Minneapolis police officer pressed a knee on his neck even after he pleaded for air and stopped moving.

The cop who killed him is under arrest, been charged with murder and will probably get life in prison.

Now can we get back to work? Nah, we have to keep protesting and honoring this less than honorable criminal. Jeez...

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disadvantaged, dysfunctional and victimized."

badges of honor to the priesthood of woke

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