Ramadan on collision course with virus for Asia's Muslims

By David Stout and Sajjad Tarakzai

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It's too bad they can't do what Islamic prayer leaders are doing throughout America, having virtual prayer sessions and abiding by shelter in place orders while still maintaining their faith. The Quaran absolutely allows modifications depending on the situation.

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clerics promised to instruct religious leaders to clean their facilities regularly.

And I’m sure a bunch of them will not do it thinking God will protect them

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Covid may pose a real challenge if not threat to religious communities based on theological predestination. According to their view, all events such as mass infections are willed by God/Allah. I'm not a Muslim, not sure if any compromise is possible under the current circumstances.

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Just what is wrong with praying at home? (Not that I find praying useful in the first place).

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I am praying for Muslims who this year face additional burdens during Ramadan. Ramadan is already a fierce contest against the self, and to be greatly respected. 

But in times of crisis, the most fundamental, human impulses that created religion in the first place must be paramount: Aid the poor, comfort the suffering. Honor all life, and work for justice.

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Well...let them go, see if their god will protect them from getting the virus. I say, no.

Just like in America, some christian church ignored the social distancing, saying god would protect them. He/She didn't. Half of them got the virus.

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Half of them got the virus.

Dr. Theopolis, I'm interested in your source. Please provide a reference.

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@reese. Easiest to Google the South Korean Christian cult and what they did to the country.

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I’ve been to many Muslim countries and seen millions praying on the street. With social distancing, prayers could be held outside mosques.

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I doubt Muslim Cleric's are dumb enough to put their own faithful at risk. This disease does not distinguish between anyone or anywhere. I think that point has gotten across to the "majority" of the Global Population.

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...the most fundamental, human impulses that created religion in the first place must be paramount

Which would be death or, more accurately, our consciousness of its certainty. Unfortunately, it will be the uneducated and believers not gifted with sufficient intelligence who will run the highest risk of extinction (and spreading the virus to others).

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muslims havnt always been one to listen to the opinions of non-muslims though...

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In Saudi Arabia, the royal family has shown how they social distance from others, but the family still prays in their home, together. God willing.

Is there a relationship between literacy and claims that prayers must be performed in a Mosque?

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Ramadan on collision course with virus for Asia's Muslims

Why only Asian muslims and why only Ramadan? Any group that asks the followers to gather in large groups every week is in the same boat.

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Mosques are closed in many countries and people are praying at home. These people saying otherwise are just idiots.

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Just what is wrong with praying at home? (Not that I find praying useful in the first place).


I agree with your point and presume that these faithful followers might use the gathering at the mosque as part of their political, social, and business connections rather than from their belief that God only exists in that human-made building.

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i wish there was (there must be something ..) a loophole or a technicality in their relegious laws they can exploit and pray from home

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Like with Christians at Easter and Christmas, people who are not particularly observant during the year tend to go to mosque on Ramadan, meaning numbers are bigger than usual. No idea why it is only focusing on Asia though.

I come from a heavily Muslim area and my friends are praying from home (I think the mosques are closed). I know at least one friend who is organizing an Iftar party online. If there is a will, people will find a way.

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Okay, not easy but can be done.

Mecca pigramige is out due to physical and financial conditions. The Governments of Malayasia and Bangladesh can have their official clerics determine everyone to be medically unfit for fasting and reenforce that edict by telling those fasting that if they who are fasting are taken to the hospital they would be depriving resources for the needy and poor. For praying, broadcast via radio, tv, internet, and loud speakers a call to pray at home. For those with multiple rooms, split between the sexes giving the larger room to women and children. When this is not the case, men and boys take a step outside their house or go on to there balcony if available, woman a girls stay inside. For those outside, have community leaders organize outside formations. And add 5 extra days just work out most issues.

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Exactly my point BigYen good to see you got it.

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Did anyone really expect anything different?

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