Raucous celebrations as Asia greets Year of Snake


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Happy Lunar (calendar) New Year, people! For all those nations and people that celebrate it, may this year indeed bring wisdom, wealth, and longevity, as well as peace and good health.

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Gay Snake Year, y'all!

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In China the snake has traditionally been seen as a symbol of wisdom, wealth and longevity, but is considered less auspicious than other animals in the 12-year Chinese Zodiac such as the Dragon. Cool, maybe CHINA will lay low and stop trying to mess with Japan, etc..over some crummy islands, and give PEACE a chance!

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Year of the snake... ah that's my sign on the Chinese zodiac.

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"after a Chinese televised gala featuring stars including Celine Dion "

Christ that's a bad way to usher anything in. The only thing worse is probably France's other musical relic that just won't do the decent thing and retire, Johnny Halliday.

Happy new year Asia....

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jianadarenFeb. 10, 2013 - 06:00PM JST

Gay Snake Year, y'all!

Gave me a belly laugh, thanks. Go for Equal Rights, Gay Snake!!

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