Record 259 nominees for 2013 Nobel Peace Prize


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If Obama can win it for doing nothing I guess that opens up the field for just about anyone to stake a claim....

I think the committee seriously dropped the ball big time on that one, made them lose a lot of credibility, however, if anyone is deserving of the prize, then without a doubt it should go to Malala Yousafzai hands down. I have never seen a person more deserving. With what she went through and to stand up to the Taliban and defy everything they stand for, speaks volumes as to how strong and brave this young girl is. She is a real hero and the sad thing is, we desperately need more honest and brave people like her in this world.

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I'm with Wolfpack. Applying the same logic for when Obama won the Nobe Peace Prize in 2009 (basically for just being elected and not for any actual contribution to world peace) he should be awarded it again simply for having been reelected.

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The Nobel "Peace" Prize lost all it's meaning to me when they ended up giving it to Obama.

It no longer holds the luster and prestige it once did, for me anyway, because of his being included into the group. They blew it again with the election of the EU too.

It's just another glamor award now like the Academy Awards.

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If Obama can win it for doing nothing I guess that opens up the field for just about anyone to stake a claim....

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While we were duped into being tough guys in American jungle schools, or fending off such rebels without a cause, Malala Yousafzai discovered that, mark my words, at least for young people, the greatest act of defiance in human society is (free and extensive) reading.

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Malala!!! I still can not believe she was not Time's person of the year for 2012.

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Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize for not being Bush and while I appreciated the sentiment and humour in the gesture, it was politically motivated and I suppose any leader who opposed his catastrophic, bloody wars could have got it. However, the EU receiving the award was neither funny nor explicable. Then again, it's difficult to argue Aung San Suu Kyi didn't deserve recognition and it's a pity that the award has been devalued when there are some deserving recipients.

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Just give it to Obama again. Of course he hasn't done anything to contribute to world peace - which of course is no different than when he won it a few years ago.

The Peace prize is a joke. In recent years it has simply gone to the person (or cause) most closely associated with the latest hot button Liberal cause. Same goes for the Literature prize. The Nobel committee should stick to the sciences where they still have some credibility left.

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If Malala hadn't been shot no-one would even care much about her campaign for education in the hellhole that is AfPak. So she is basically being niominated for being shot. There are thousands of others risking their lives for worthy causes in that region (e.g. the polio innoculators who got shot, people worjking with abused women and children etc) whose work goes unnoticed and anrewarded. Peace Prize is becoming increasingly flakey.

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Geir Lundestad is hhe Director of Norwegian Nobel Institute. There is nothing called "Nobel Institue". The Norwegian Nobel Institute does only decide who will get the peace prize. And as a Swede I am ashamed of how they choose candidates. its time to cancel the peace prize, or transfer it to the Nobel Foundation.

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Ridiculous. There are conflicys all over the world, how is this possible? The schoolgirl may be brsave, but what exactly is her contribution to world peace? And Clinton? This prize is becoming a typical "showbizzy" award - dumbed down like so much of modern culture and society.

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Figured if Obama could get it, so could anyone.

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Let them all have it, and split the prize money 259 ways.

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What has happened to this award in the last few years has been terrible. I hope they return some respect to the award and actually give it to somebody that's been doing something to deserve it. Don't give it to an entity or a movement, given their chaotic and often caustic nature it's bound to backfire, and don't give it out as a political gambit or for shock value. Pick somebody that has been pursuing global peace with single-mindedness and dignity.

My vote would go toward Denis Mukweg, God knows he deserves it.

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This reflects a growing interest for the prize. The nominations come from the entire world

No more noble, It's time to terminate this prize.

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Considering the state of the world, no one should get the Nobel Peace Prize.

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