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Christians worldwide prepare for Christmas with an eye on security


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Ebisen, you are wrong. Read the article, Christians are being attacked and attacks planned for Christmas have be thwarted in the UK, Australia and the US.

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real Muslims would never in their lives ever dare attack Christians on Christmas.

Then obviously these security precautions don't apply to them, it's the "unreal" Muslims that have got people on edge.

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We don't usually get too much Christmas cheer from the Jihadis.

Let's hope for a lower body count this year. Best of luck to the security services.

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The religion can be true, the religion can be someone's imaginary. Whatever you are Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist, the important thing is living in peace and harmony. One religion can't dominate over another religion, faith follower and claim only our God and prophet is the true God and Prophet. If you don't believe our God and prophet and then your Kafir and you must be killed is barbaric and irreligious ideology.

I don’t think any God will reward the person who murder people. Killing someone is a sin and that person is a sinner.

If God has rewarded and love the person who killed people for the God and then his God is no God and his God is Satan.

Christians are about to Christmas celebrating for baby Jesus’ birth.

Why do you want to harm innocent peoples who are religion celebrating their Christ's birth?

You can not go to heaven and will not get 71 Virgins reward from God for killing people. You will only go to hell for murdering people. Stop killing people in the name of God and Prophet and start making peace and friendship with all peoples regardless. Let make the world beautiful and peace today, tomorrow and forever.


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Fear, and you give them all they want.

Be fearless, and control your destiny. Security measures are their tools for controlling us.

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pure scaremongering article... First, the Jerusalem issue is a Jewish one, not a Christian one. Second, real Muslims would never in their lives ever dare attack Christians on Christmas. Jesus is one of the most important profets in Islam as well.

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