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New coronavirus cases double to 99 in mainland China as imported infections jump to record


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Reinfection is one of the main reasons experts predict 1-2 years. That’s a long lockdown.

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I hope, the whole World focuses upon the CCP after this event.

Agree. And hope the whole world focuses on the extreme dangers, especially to civil liberties that inevitably happen in authoritarian systems where a single leader backed by a single party rules and has the power over media to control data and information.

As messed up as democratic systems are (human systems, after all), in properly functioning ones the individual still can have some freedom. Not so authoritarian systems.

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Stacks of urns at a funeral home in Wuhan, the city's official cremation rates, and reports of an overwhelmed health care system have prompted speculation that Wuhan's real COVID-19 death toll could be in the tens of thousands—despite the Chinese government reporting 2,535 deaths from just over 50,000 coronavirus infections.

Math based on urns, assumptions and social media isn't anything to go by. But it offers one estimation of the city's real death figure and further lends credence to the skepticism held by many of the accuracy of the Chinese government's officially reported Wuhan COVID-19 death


But I'm not going to belief the numbers from any country completely. Medical testing for this infection just isn't THAT accurate.

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I hope, the whole World focuses upon the CCP after this event.

Right now, they're even censoring Medical Journal research reports upon the Virus, and asking to review reports "Globally" before publication... you can guess what they'll be saying - we'll blacklist you if you publish anything that suggests we caused this outbreak and/or it was man made.


Good example of censorship in China ... (I've experienced the same chat dialog gaps too)


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Interesting propaganda source for both China and the rest of the world... blaming each other.

However, now that the world is aware of the misdeeds of WHO as well as all those countries and entities that China influences such as the UN and the Silk Roads, a certain "re-set" will happen in terms of attitudes..

That is maybe.. but not sure about those huge corporate leaders and the financial industry like IMF and the Feds that have not expressed any serious concern about the "imbalance" and the devastation to the world economy.

They are happy to spend money to help fight the pandemic knowing that they will "profit" from those major "loans" (not grants or gifts) if not by fees (interest) but by the "obligations that all those countries now have to repay and still having to "borrow" more to really recover and get their economy back to so called the "new" normal. Almost every country in the world is now in "debt". (And sadly will be me too in a few months.)

And it is the common people in the world that must now work to "repay" and to "pay" again to keep on going.

Could China take "responsibility" for such a huge debt of the world?

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What is scary is that China has now become the pharmacy of the world (one of the stated policy goals of the CCP) and has a lot of power over Western pharma companies. De-coupling is needed.

I hope many people sign the petition to investigate China:


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Commercial trade expression export/import to be replaced to human to/from another country action, it's like mass of materials of what the country is highly populated, hard to know the exact number of how many...Not trusty information. However, China probably will have another virus storm and all of that images of festive CCP was nothing more than meaningless.

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New coronavirus cases double to 99 in mainland China

Can we all stop repeating those fairytale figures from the CCP? They are worth the pixels on the screen. If we want to talk about data, lets use data from countries can at least somewhat trust.

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Xi Jinping and Beijing cannot be trusted with whatever they said. The current Pandemic outbreak would have been different if China was remorseful for its cover-up, honest with what they really knew about the source of the virus and casualty figures, and fully collaborated with the rest of the world in developing a new vaccine.

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You know, it really doesnt matter in the bigger picture. Damn near every country in the world is battling this virus and China is in the same boat!

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"Almost all the new infections - the biggest daily count since March 6 - involve travelers from overseas. Just two out of the 99 cases were locally transmitted."

Of course those 97 out 99 new cases were 'imported'. The CCP thinks it can fool its own people but the rest of the world is laughing and shaking their heads at just how stupid their claims are.

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No offense to Chinese people, who I quite like, but the CCP should have to work a lot harder in finding useful idiots reporting such garbage. A billion people and the virus has miraculously disappeared? Spare me. Reuters et al should know better. A 100 point asterisk should accompany any numbers they report. They went from 0 to 80,000 cases and some 3,000 deaths at an absolutely insane pace and ever since it's been this ridiculous stream of lies.

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