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Rented electric scooters vanish from Paris streets


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"The anarchy was quite unbearable."

Well said.

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Scooter rentals: another sign of the Apocalypse.

If it's close enough for a scooter, it's close enough to walk.

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Friday puts an end to five years of seeing users zip through crowds of pedestrians or park awkwardly on pavements and at intersections, as well as a string of accidents.

The flaneur is a great part of Parisian society.

Tokyo should get rid of them too along with sidewalk bicycles and create a pedestrian friendly urban space.

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after voters overwhelmingly elected to remove them in an April referendum -- albeit on a tiny turnout of 7.5 percent.


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It's not like the scooters are a viable transportation method. They're just for entertainment and for the these companies to make easy money. I'm fed up with these companies and products acting as if they're green and eco-friendly. If it has a battery it's not eco-friendly

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Really tough to hold an umbrella with those and carry a case of beer home.

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Ban those huge tires on sidewalks. Allow much smaller batteries and slower scooters.

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Nice. I hate those rental scooters. They're everywhere where I am now (Korea), as well as rental bicycles. People leave them EVERYWHERE. Right in the middle of cycling lanes, on the sidewalk, on the road, thrown to the side (like the garbage they are), blocking the way on handicap and bike ramps, everywhere.

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Tokyo should do its own version of the Parisian ban and prohibit those havoc-wreaking Mario Kart rentals from the streets.

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You can still have one if you own it.

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Good. I wish London would follow suit.

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Rental was always going to end badly. If people buy them they will take care of them. Just make them easily foldable and as lightweight as possible, with a pop-out handle.

Only rentals are legal in the UK but all the kids and teens where I live zip about on their own. They are less of a problem than the mobile vehicles driven by the elderly, as they take up most of the width of the pavement.

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Good. I wish London would follow suit

@Luddite. I so agree!

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I am living in the UK right now and have seen quite a few of these things.......usually being driven dangerously and without thought to others. Just the other day I saw one forcing a motorist to stop suddenly when it just appeared from a side street and crossed the road, the rider did not even look. But one thing, Do these riders require a licence to ride them on public roads, car drivers must tax, insurance ..etc so why not these things?

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