Report details extensive Walmart bribery in Mexico


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Walmart is the largest private employer in Mexico, with 221,000 people working in 2,275 stores across the country

guess that's the pay off for "muscling in" - not well paid and crappy conditions, but a job nonetheless.

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“The Times’ examination reveals that Wal-Mart de Mexico was not the reluctant victim of a corrupt culture that insisted on bribes as the cost of doing business.

I'm guessing it was a mix of the two. Common sense tells me you don't get anywhere in Mexico without a bribe, and common sense tells me Wal-Mart will do just about anything to expand.

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In the US, this is called "lobbying".

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One person's bribe is another person's consulting fee, marketing expense, contract commission, research cost, or a private box at a prestige sports event, power breakfast, business lunch, tennis or golf game. It's the same the world over... just look at the Lockheed's fees to ex PM Nakasone to get ANA to buy the 1011 TriStar in Japan.

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I believe it's the best for us consumers, Walmart has better and cheaper products than Soriana, Comercial Mexicana, Chedraui and other local supermarkets. Plus, competition forces mexican stores to lower prices and become more efficient and competitive, it's a good thing for the economy. You call $200,000 a bribe? haha come on

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Agreed Badmigraine, Wanderlust....

The only difference between bribing and lobbying seems to be that the tax man hasn't got his ubiquitous hands in the till.

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In Mexico, I really enjoy going to WalMart, why?? I think it is in Mexican blood to love shopping! Kind of like American kids hanging out at the mall but heck if you do not have a proper mall, a Walmart will do! But I hope this is not true about putting a bloody Walmart out in Teotihuacan! Fly to the other side of the world to go check out the Aztec pyramids and whoa!! Next thing you know there is a Walmart, McDonalds etc..right next to the ancient pyramids?? Tacky! Way, way too tacky and I do hope it is not true! If it is true, time to close it down, move it away from sacred pyramids of the ancient Aztecs!

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