Report: Germany top buyer of Russian energy since war began


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Gosh those hard hitting sanctions... no Russians at the World cup OR Wimbledon!

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Yes Putin is loosing, A LOT OF OIL & GAS (mostly to Germany). Putin - What a looser. Germany what a winner.

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That's because Germany is supplying to other countries that have strict sanctions against Russian energy.

Sanctions are only in place where it doesn't hurt

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Of course, classical Western Europe.

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Heres the moment 3 years ago when Trump correctly predicted German dependance on Russian gas.

They all laughed.

He was right.

He was always right.

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America is just ridiculous, she is demanding everypne to comply with her absurd reasons to boycott Russia, the fact says otherwise , instead Germany is going to pay the bills by "Rubles".

The US dollars is no longer a trustworthy monetary but America' s weaponized as a tool if blackmail!

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America is just ridiculous, she is demanding everypne to comply with her absurd reasons to boycott Russia

I'd say Russia invading Ukraine is pretty damned good reason to invade.

The way Russia is keeping this up, Ukraine will soon be able to export sunflower based bio-oils to replace Russian oil.

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Yes of course Germany is.

they choosing not to make their own people suffer while falsely claiming they are hurting Russia instead.

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He was always right.

always. Proven more and more as time passes.

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There’s too many interest groups fighting against each other in the US.

These sanctions are hurting the dollar and shows the Biden regime knows not what it is doing,

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The left yesterday:

Stop building pipelines, stop building LNG terminals, stop building nuclear plants

The left today:

Why aren't there more pipelines, LNG terminals and nuclear plants so we can "stick it Putin"

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Report: Germany top buyer of Russian energy since war began

And it's quite normal. Germany is a biggest EU economy. They need a lot of energy.

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The fact is the German Government energy policy, production, consumption, trade of goods and services. long-term energy security, medium term investment within the energy supply line is at the mercy of Putin's government.

Angela Merkel, time and again was given clear detailed analysis of the acute dangers of such a policy from Obama, Trump, and Biden, the EU commission, EU Parliament but simply refused to accept the collision course, because may I suggest criminal self interest.

Now, that self interest in financing a tyrant war criminal genocide in Ukraine.

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To ponder:

According to a preliminary estimate released today, Germany's consumer price inflation rate is expected to climb to 7.4 percent in April of 2022 from 7.3% in March, the highest since 1981 and slightly above market expectations of 7.2%. The main upward pressure will be from the prices of energy products (35.3% vs 39.5% in March). Food inflation is set to surge to 8.5% (vs 6.2%), and services are expected to rise 2.9% (2.8%).

On a monthly basis, consumer prices are expected to rise 0.8% in April.

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This just in.

Scholz said that “it is a challenge that many European countries, including Germany, are dependent on imports of fossil resources from Russia.” Scholz said his government aims to end imports of Russian coal and oil this year. He said that “the same will happen for gas, but that is a process that will require more time.”

Asked whether he was concerned Russia might stop shipping gas to Germany, like it did this week for Poland and Bulgaria, Scholz acknowledged that “any interruption would have consequences for the economic situation.” Scholz said: “Whether and what decisions the Russian government takes in this regard one can only speculate, but it makes little sense to do so.”

Germany leader defends ongoing gas purchases,

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Germany was the biggest buyer of Russian energy during the first two months of the war in Ukraine,

It’s insane that they allowed themselves to be put in that position. Merkel, especially bears deep responsibility. Germany and Italy should bite the bullet, and put an end to this now.

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It’s insane that they allowed themselves to be put in that position

It's a real life, and not a political theory.

Merkel, especially bears deep responsibility. 

First responsibility - before it's own people.

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Why not,america wants the whole market???.

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I believe Putin and Zelensky both have list their damn mind,to the point of dysfunctionality

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Given that now Germany has to buy the Russian gas that Poland and Bulgaria are using but refusing to actually pay Russia for, the German share of the purchase will be going up substantially even though how much Germany consumes won't.

And the folks condemning German 'inaction' against a country that has invaded and committed war crimes would have been condemning Germany if it had taken action against the US over its invasion and war crimes in Syria and Iraq and it's role in empowering the Saud regime to invade Yemen, or the Israeli regime's invasions and Crimes Against Humanity in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria...

Like Trump's outrage and condemnation of Hillary for lies, the American outrage and condemnation of Russia is ridiculous to everyone other than the willfully blind.

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The world uses oil today. We all use oil for many needs. If our jobs are in certain industries where oil is the power that leads to profit, of course we won't stop using it until forced.

People with jobs need to keep those jobs or be shifted to other industries. That doesn't happen overnight. Having people unemployed means rent, food, clothing aren't bought. Taxes aren't paid.

always. Proven more and more as time passes.

This is a joke, right? The Ex-Prez was caught lying over 30,000 times in 4 yrs. Guy basically never told the truth and if he was right about anything, it was pure luck - like how a broken watch is correct twice a day.

Of course Germany gets oil from Russia. It is a close place to buy from. They get some from North Atlantic, Arctic Circle, South America, African and middle east sources too. That's what all of Europe does. The German govt started pushing solar energy years ago. The fixed the price of electricity to a rate that was higher than necessary and mandated that any solar generated power had to be bought by the power companies. A huge number of Germans setup solar energy farms on their lands. Remember the solar panels with livestock roaming underneath from about 10 yrs ago? OTOH, the German govt didn't curtail oil imports using laws, so industries kept buying.

Germany has 14 oil refineries. The input to those is .... er ... oil. The output is many different petroleum products for local, regional, and world-wide customers. Hundreds of thousands of Germans work in oil related industries. Often, those jobs will create 2-3 support jobs for the area in retail, restaurants, housing, and all the other things that people who have a paycheck buy.

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This war is becoming a money pit,Biden asking for 33 Billions,when a thousand Excalibur Artillery Shell could pacify Russia, Russian surrounding Ukraine in Donbass,and bombing morning day and nite at will Google Excalibur 155mm Artillery Shell

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Its not oil, it’s gas that cannot be supplied to Germany from other sources. Natural gas has to be changed to LNG for ships and Germany has no capability to off load LNG.

Russia was supplying about 1/3 of both oil and gas used by Germany.

Germany blinked and said it would pay in rubles after the shut off, but Russia turned it down.

I would say Russians are historically able to weather state imposed hardships more than the west is willing to.

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Germany has been shutting down its nuclear power plants, and its coal-powered plants, focusing on renewables. But renewed don’t have anywhere near the same energy-producing potential, and are expensive. Germany has the highest energy costs in Europe. The only way Germany can keep is factories running and keep people from freezing to death is to buy Russian gas.

Biden abolished a Trump moratorium on Russian energy imports as soon as he took office, resulting in a tenfold increase in Russian oil imports to America, and giving Putin more control over America’s energy market.

European and American “leadership” has set the stage for Russia’s invasion and all the negative effects such as loss of loss of life and more inflation.

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Just some thoughts...

Sanctions work mid-term, realistic effects will not be seen before summer.

It's a shame that Germany didn't see Putin for what he is but who else did?

Relying on Russian Gas was a mistake started by then chancellor Schröder, a social-democrat by name only.

The crap was fortified by Merkel, probably the biggest mistake she ever made.

However, shutting down NPPs was not - we can see in Ukraine what a vulnerable tech they are.

Lots of industries in Germany like steel and glass require factories to keep working 24/7, cutting off energy would mean totally wrecking them. Rebuilding would be costly and take years. That's why Germany is hesitating to cut off Russian gas until an alternative source comes flooding in.

50% of German housing is heated by gas - just like me, as a tenant I have no say in that matter.

I wish JT would ban those Putinistas regurging their same old crap.
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Yrral - The US House just passed S. 3522 – Ukraine Democracy Defense Lend-Lease Act of 2022 by a vote of 417-10. Americans, right and left, are coming together on support for Ukraine. Bipartisan support like this on anything major is pretty rare, especially these days. I am glad to see America coming together for Ukraine and against Russia.

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Why not,america wants the whole market???.

It's been obvious since forever that you are a troll but at what point in your life are you going to grow up?

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