Report: Prince Charles' charity got donation from bin Ladens


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The bin Laden organisation is a huge business conglomerate in Saudi Arabia. In a previous work role they were one of my customers.

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Who cares, money has no conscience. One thing for sure the donation will do a lot more good used for charitable work than it would sitting in the Bin Laden family's pocket.

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I wonder if all these "scandal's" are intentional, and to ensure that he skips being King.

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Osama was a member of the family but don't tar them all with the same brush. Tabloid trash talk.

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Meanwhile Queen Elizabeth quietly prays she outlives Charles so she can hand the throne to a less abrasive, more competent heir.

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Charities need to be more transparent about what they are using the money for

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All UK charities publish yearly audited accounts.

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So, is the CIA going to send in a drone?

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I say, hit 'em with some sanctions!

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Nothing compared to the dirty money the Tory party get

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