Russian prime minister submits resignation to Putin


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There’s been a lot of discontent in Russia over pension reform.

In Russia, the government peacefully resigns.

In France, discontent is met with tear gas and batons.

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Dictators on every continent it seems.

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"The people cry out for order! They long to be ruled again with the iron fist - MY iron fist!"

Omega Red

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Russia deserves Putin.

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Donnie and Vlad doing their best to demolish democracy....

Master and Puppet....

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The proposed move is seen as part of Putin's efforts to carve out a new position of power for himself to stay at the helm after his current term as president ends in 2024

Xi is China's 'emperor' for life. Xi called Putin his 'best friend'. Putin must want to emulate Xi and become Russian czar/tsar/caesar/kaiser. It's not surprising that both China and Russia 'meddle' in the politics of 'western' democracies, doing what they can to undermine them. Democracies are a threat to despots.

It's like the periods after America kicked England out and the French had their revolution when the 'royals' of various empires were doing whatever they could to keep 'their people' away from any democratic movements.

Both the Chinese and the Russians have limited - at best - experiences with democratic systems. The freedoms allowed by democratic systems must frighten both nations.

And to think there are 'westerners' who want to have the democratic bits of their systems replaced by greater statism, systems where the executive has greater authority.

Given the rise of the global far right, it appears many 'westerners' have chosen to forget why their states fought WW2.

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Putin wants the world to believe that Russia is a true democratic country with elected presidents and prime ministers but the terms for presidents are limited so he is trying to find the way to remain in charge and control even after his terms end.

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Medvedev is moving on to his next gig: an on-air contributor for CNN International.

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@taxagMedvedev is moving on to his next gig: an on-air contributor for CNN International.

The global alt right must be happy their hero Putin's in charge and he, along with his partner Iran, can now have even greater control over global oil and gas.

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Medvedev is moving on to his next gig: an on-air contributor for CNN International.

More likely replacing Putin as Donnie's Shadow Campaign Manager for 2020...

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Mr. Putin's ambition is his ruling of Russia is longer than Josef Stalin! Lets send our hearfelt wishing to comes true! The Russian people loves him very much! A great leader indeed!

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I wonder what Putin is really like, when you know him outside of Politics ?

Is there a real Putin under all that Facade we're shown ?

I guess this question applies to all Global Leaders, or would be Leaders....

Will we ever know ? :-(

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