Reports: Myanmar forces kill 82 in single day in city


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Myanmar: Possession of firearms for civilians is generally prohibited except Chin hunters.

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according to reports Saturday from independent local media and an organization that keeps track of casualties since the military’s February seizure of power.

So these numbers are unconfirmed then.

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I can’t understand the army. First they have civil war with drug lords and minority’s. Then they have a western backed democratic leader who orders them to commit genocide on over one million citizens, then she is gone and now they have to kill ordinary citizens.

as @PSmith says...tragic.

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The people of Myanmar deserve better. They’re being slaughtered because they want democracy. Sad.

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Myanmar is a ripe case for UN intervention. If there is any more proof that the UN is a toothless dysfunctional organization beholden to the superpowers this is it.

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The Myanmar junta continue shooting at people in different cities, pushing the number of deaths toward a thousand.

Such heinous crime against humanity, having no respect and disregard the lives of their own people must be stopped by all means.

Halt, now, in the name of humankind..

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The transition of Myanmar to civilian rule was seen as the greatest foreign policy achievement of the American Obama administration. That bubble has popped. Myanmar is destined for unhappy military rule for a long time.

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Where is the leadership in Asia to stop this?

China? India? Japan? Anyone? Bueller. Bueller. Bueller?

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