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Republican health plan clears first hurdles; fate uncertain


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Congratulations Trumpies! You won! You sure showed those liberals all right!

And now, thanks to you, your employer will be able to cancel your insurance coverage without paying any penalty at all. And you'll be able to buy insurance that you won't be able to afford, using tax credits that will cover about one fourth of your premiums. But you won, all right!

And you won't be able to retire, because Medicare won't be there either.

Do you have any relatives who are receiving Medicaid benefits? Because, thanks to you, those are getting capped. But you won!

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I am sure they will find a way to blame Obama!

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“Despite what you hear in the press, healthcare is coming along great. We are talking to many groups and it will end in a beautiful picture!” the Republican president said on Twitter.

Stupid jabbering as usual.

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“We’re not jamming this down people’s throat,” Spicer said

He wouldn't use such a phrase if he wasn't minded to.

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Trumpy voice " the plan is a really really good plan and everyone is gonna love it I think it's a really good plan , it's a better plan than Obamacare , Obamacare was a terrible terrible disaster it was really really bad but trumpcare is gonna be good I mean really really good"

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What's obvious is that after 7 years of promises of a replacement, the GOP hadn't done any work at all. This is some hastily thrown together plan over the last 8 weeks. They should have worked harder to build a coalition a long time ago and created a plan that improves the current system. I've always said that I would be more than happy to see their plan if it's an improvement.

Such a disappointment.

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The current version of the bill is going to change dramatically to the detriment of those benefiting under the ACA. The only people who like it are associated with Ryan, oh and Trump's cheerleaders. The anti-Obama at all costs team.

Some of the worst parts of the bill is that elders will lose a lot of their current benefits and the poor and sick will lose insurance coverage. A health care plan that doesn't provide care to those that need it. Great move GoP. Plus, it gives money to people who don't need it.

The GoP doesn't have a clue. As SuperLib mentions, they had years and years to plan on a replacement or fix to ACA. However, they are only pandering to their own rhetoric, pass a replacement to dispose of Obama's successful and signature plan.

ACA has problems, but the ACA was a good start at doing something meaningful by getting people covered by health care and lowering costs. Fixing the problems should have been their goal .

The only people winning will be the GoP for finally achieving their ludicrous goal of one-upping Obama.

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It's a good start, but the GOP has to follow through with the non-reconciliation portions - tort reform, interstate purchase, etc.

We have to ignore all the whining. Nobody gets angrier than a scrounger whose hand-outs are being reduced.

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...interstate purchase....

You do know that interstate insurance sales are allowed under the ACA based on state's discretion. A handful of states permit it, but insurance companies have not been so keen - to do so would require setting up another network of healthcare providers for a pittance of enrollees. It makes no financial sense and is simply a red herring.

Ironically, some in the GOP have discussed requiring all states to allow cross-state insurance. What this would do is to emasculate states of their right to regulate their own insurance markets. So much for state's rights. Hypocrisy, as usual, from the GOP.

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Viking68:. The only people who like it are associated with Ryan, oh and Trump's cheerleaders. The anti-Obama at all costs team.

What's sad is that large numbers of Trump supporters in poor areas will get thrown off of Medicare, and a large number of older white Trump supporters will see a big jump in costs. Think of places like Kentucky where out of work coal miners will learn their jobs aren't coming back and on top of that they are about to lose their health insurance. They are about to learn the hard way who the GOP really represents, and it's not them.

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Ryancare / Trumpcare in a nutshell:

Don't be poor.

Don't get sick.
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