Republicans break with Trump over push to halt vote count


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If only all trump supporters and Republicans were so sensible. Give it up and find something else to get angry about, ideally that will fit into a three syllable chant.

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Republicans break with Trump over push to halt vote count

A new, decent normalcy dawning after the great flush.

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Trump wants to stop the count... except in Arizona where he’s currently behind, so it’s OK to keep counting there.

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Trump already thinking 2024 even though that would make him 78 years something he currently accused against Biden, 77.

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Removing the emotion from the subject;

The vote count should not be halted unless there is a law that says it is supposed to stop at a certain time. I believe the law should be followed to the letter.

If Mr. Trump takes exception with the counting or believes there is fraud he can take that to the courts. Most likely, unless there is documented evidence, the courts would rule against Trump and if there is no evidence they would rule immediately.

If there is documented evidence of fraud or potential fraud then move to the next step.

Afterwards a winner is declared.

I hope for the sake of the country all of this occurs quickly and decisively.

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Trump stop vote count. Count every vote. Which is it?

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Come January, they'll all claim they never heard of him, and that they have their pictures taken with a lot of people...

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Rats leaving a sinking ship.

They know Trump is finished and that appearing to be normal may help their career.

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GOP to support the process? Some waking up? There will soon be others, namely those who attended the rallies, they should be showing symptoms now, and no doubt some will go into ICU and suffer and perhaps die.. Others will say they regret voting for trump. Too late and too bad, your orange buffoon doesn't care about you now, he got your vote, bye Felicia.

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Of course they'll break.The Republicans will maintain the Senate regardless who's the president. They don't need Trump anymore.And they'll clockblock anything Biden wants to do.A total mess.

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DT: My leads are shrinking. How is that possible? Fraud, that's how. It's not possible for me to lose at anything. Count only people, animals, ETs, robots, etc that voted for me. Count only the states I won. Anything else is fraud fraud fraud.

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“The votes will be counted and you will either win or lose,'' Kinzinger told Trump. "And America will accept that. Patience is a virtue.''

America might, but I doubt that Trump will. As for any virtues he might have, patience isn't one of them. THis is a man who thinks he can grab this election just as he does any little kitten he fancies.

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Message for DT and his fanboys and fangirls: At least he's already the most popular loser in U.S. presidential history. Think of it - the guy has lost the popular vote by several million TWICE and still has a chance to win the presidency a second time! Only in America (unfortunately).

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As I have been saying for a while, watch how QUICKLY repubs start throwing the orange one under the bus if he loses, the process has clearly started.

As a non American I can say would never have been a repub but I USED to respect some of their people but the Obama admin & this orange fool, its pathetic to watch them, they have sold their souls & now watch as they all try to say they werent 100% behind the orange one

The repubs sadly are making America worse & the trend is likely to continue

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If only all trump supporters and Republicans were so sensible.

In making sure that the political process is carried out fairly? I think it’s the fair thing to do.

Give it up and find something else to get angry about

So then why are liberals still upset about the Senate?

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why are liberals still upset about the Senate?

I don't see any liberals claiming election fraud.

BTW, if fraud is as widespread as Trump and his followers claim, why have GOP congressional candidates done as well as they have? They're on the same ballot, you know.

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Our voters will never forget you if your sheep!

If your sheep... do what?

Given the way that Trump handled the coronavirus earlier this year, it's not surprising to see him espousing delusions about the election results.

Good on the Republicans for calling his behavior out, and be sure to select a Presidential candidate next time. A more Reaganesk type should do nicely.

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GOPers can read the writing on the wall: Trump is finished, so their need to fear him is, too.

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What a bad loser !

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Others will say they regret voting for trump. 

I don't think so.When many people say because of Trump's handling of the economy or not going to lockdown, is really certified B.S. That's a cover for their real cover.

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If only all trump supporters and Republicans were so sensible. 

If only Hillary and Democrats were so sensible, 4 years of crying about everything and how Russia fixed the election. People have a right to complain about what they want as you did. People also have a right to ignore complaining like you should.

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The count must go on. Republicans with a public profile know which side their bread is buttered on whereas Trump was never a Republican true believer, but just a Trumpist, the narcissist don of a small-time crime family of grifters. Meanwhile, the world watches in astonishment and disbelief part 2 of Putin's Kremlin-sponsored American Punch and Judy show.

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Well that wasn’t that hard to say for Republicans and behave like responsible politicians of a democracy.

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"Count The Vote"

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