Republicans offer 'Plan B' in fiscal cliff talks


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"crippling spending cuts"

Heck, it's way past time to cripple the U.S. gov't's ability to spend more than it takes in.

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So what's classed as average earnings in the good ol' USA then? I mean a million dollars?

If the tax cuts were limited to those earning up to maybe $50K I could almost accept that... that would lift the average working class or poorest families off their knees.

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House Republicans are kind of cute when the negotiate. A little reciprocation leads to immediate bashful retreat and a strengthened position. You get the feeling you could give them all they want and they'd still be unsatisfied. Poor little guys.

Well, they'll soon learn that by asking for the moon, they get nothing. But really, that is their plan: they have never intended to negotiate in good faith.

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"a bid to prevent tax hikes on all Americans"

The bid failed when Obama won re-election.

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Bon Voyage over the "fiscal cliff", like stepping off a curb. The cliff lays behind.

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