Researcher finds 'kill switch' for cyberattack ransomeware


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Sounds like a good discovery for those not infected already. Still find it difficult to accept that this is happening because of the NSA.

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If you make regular backups of your most important data this won't affect you.

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I make backups of ALL my data in three different ways, three times every 24 hours, overnight when I'm sleeping.

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What's not mentioned in these articles in that this particular ransom ware also targets any drives connected to the computer encrypting everything. It could potentially effect backups, it just depends where you have them.

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If you backup just data, you'll still be impacted. It might be an inconvenience or it might end in having your data AND your backups encrypted. Just depends on how the backups are performed.

Enterprises should be following best practices for backups. Most homes can't do this because they don't have a separate, secured, backup server that can "pull" the backups and keep multiple (60+) versions of both the OS and data. It isn't hard or even THAT expensive to accomplish this, but most people have lives that don't revolve around doing backups correctly.

In an enterprise, being highly impacted by this ransomeware should lead to lots of people being fired. They are incompetent. They should know better than to use network file sharing for backups. That is a noob mistake.

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That's why keep your systems up-to-date and backup, backup, backup

The exploit was developed by the U.S. NSA, but it was leaked to the wild by a group only known as "Shadow Brokers"

Microsoft already published the patch back in March, so these computers had couple months time to implement the security

Russia, Ukraine, India, and Taiwan appear to be the most infected countries by far, according to cybersecurity firms Kaspersky and Avast

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Does anybody know if Bitcoin was used to pay off any ramson ?...

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I currently have 52 versions of backups which are kept offline. I also don't use Windows much, just for Word and Windows 10. That too is backed up and kept offline.

I read one Japanese company paid ¥10 million for ransomware, not sure if it was this one or another.

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