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Residents snitch on businesses, neighbors amid shutdowns


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Good for them. This is the only way to clamp down on those people around the world that do not take shelter in place orders seriously.

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Yeah, we have regulation flouting idiots in my street too... pretty sure you aren't allowed to have relatives visiting so they can help out in your garden... not essential travel and breaks the social distancing rules.

If I wasn't afraid of my door being kicked in or my car getting smashed I'd report them.

I don't like the article using the word 'snitch'. It makes those of us who want people to do the right thing seem like the bad guys.

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Inform on your neighbors.

Be a good citizen.

The State demands it.

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What! And allow uncaring idiots to spread the virus?

Just saw on the news college kids in Florida partying, one of them saying, "If I get corona, I get corona."

Good grief.

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Under normal circumstances I would be on the side of the rebels. In this case I am not. Crazy things that people do that hurt themselves are not the business of the State. The high risk of spreading a pandemic virus is another matter. I can see the point that they are not a guaranteed threat to other people’s health. But in a city these people are unable to avoid other innocent people. The most important purpose of a government is to prevent the violation of a persons right to life and liberty by others or by the government itself. Freedom vs Responsibility is a balancing act that cannot be allowed to swing too far one way or the other.

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