Restored machine to explore mysteries of Big Bang


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USD 10 billion or more, Hadron project. Good way to make more science jobs.

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The big bang is a lie made up by Darwinist scientists. This machine though is tampering with unknown forces and could create a black hole that destroys all the earth and mankind with it.

It should be halted at once.

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DickMorris at 09:00 AM JST - 22nd November

ROFLMAO!.....Are you serious i hope that was a joke.

I believe evolution and religion or science and faith have no problem coexisting. The problems come from people who have to small a minds to embrace the unknown or who are to arrogant to accept others faiths.

The bible doesnt say how go created man or how he created life. I prefer the great engineer idea.

Glad they got it repaired. Now hopefully they will get on with being blocked by they particles they might discover in the future who are coming back in time to block there discovery. :P

Try that on for size

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Dick Morris, What does the big bang have to do with Darwinism? Learn some science.

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How will the Higgs boson particle from the future mess it up this time?

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Scientists liuke this guys think only of Dollar signs, not the interest of people.I saw on God TV a gentleman of high standing say this could make a black hole appear and we would be engulfed and the whole universe is under threat.

Do any of you out there want our world destroyed by this expensive abomination. This money could have been spent on discovering a cure for cancer , not on some scientific crackpot ideas!

Moderator: Please stop posting these inflammatory messages.

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This machine though is tampering with unknown forces and could create a black hole that destroys all the earth and mankind with it.

dick, the particles in question smash into each other in space naturally all the time without black holes appearing and eating our galaxy.

CERN has just created a replica of that environment so that they can capture the effect of these particles smashing into each other.

I hope that they can find some powerful new energy to help us with space travel.

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Dick, finding a cure for cancer would involve biology based on Darwinism. I'm sure you wouldn't want that. Why doesn't your god cure cancer?

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Dick, the Hadron Collider was built by physicists. I really don't they would have much to contribute to cancer research.

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Exploring dark matter is the most interesting area that I hope will come from CERN. If the Europeans are lucky, their investment will provide as much amazing science as the Hubble telescope has.

The idea of creating a black hole in a laboratory was at first kind of scary sounding given what it is known about them. I've since become less concerned given the miniscule size involved. There are black holes all over the universe and at the center of all galaxy's. They do not threaten the matter around them once a large enough area close to them have been cleared out.

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Maybe Dick you are confusing dark matter with the dark ages, as for your idea of better spending the money on a cure for cancer I will amplify MrRoadrage’s reasoning and ask why your god ever created cancer in the first place, surely a loving god wouldn’t do such a thing to his children? Granted I do have problems with the LHC in that I haven’t yet heard anybody give me an example of a real, practical product that is likely to come from this machine, lots of wonderful possibilities that come close to science fiction, but nothing that is going to make my life better. I know. I’m being so very selfish.

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