Reward offered to catch Seoul taxis that rip off foreigners


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When in Seoul, always use the black taxis. Not the gray taxis.

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Well done. I've been on more than a few scenic routes. Koreans in my experience have always tried to accommodate the needs of non-Korean speakers.

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with the fares so low in Korea (starting around 200 yen!), probably not many people realize they're being ripped off.

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Hopefully just the thought of it will discourage some of these cab drivers from ripping people off. I've ridden cabs on my own there and while most took me the routes I was going by the faster road (since I have been down them quite a few times), there were a few who would take me a longer path. I only once got into an argument when the guy wanted nearly twice the usual fair, and he swore a bit in Korean and took what I offered him (more than the usual, but not what he wanted). It's still VERY cheap to take cabs in South Korea, sometimes bad service aside.

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It's the same in Hong Kong - taxis (and all other modes of transport) there are so cheap, you wouldn't even notice you were being ripped off if you were a tourist. In all the years I've been in Japan, I've only taken them 2 or 3 times. Never again. A friend got charged the whole 6 or 700 yen for a trip that lasted all of 30 seconds because the driver didn't know the way.

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On my first trip to Seoul I got ripped off. I wouldn't have known it if the guy hadn't driven right by the spot he picked me up from after a brief trip on the highway. I told him to stop and I got out.

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Pukey, the same thing happened to me in Tokyo. We literally crossed intersection, the driver said he didn't know where to go, and we had to pay some 700 yen. At least we waited in the cab for the hotel employee to walk out to the major street and lead us back.

I just don't like cab drivers, period. They suck no matter where you are really. Interesting that the Koreans are offering a reward. In my experience, they would turn their own mothers in for a lot less.

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Well, Seoul is a bit confusing. Maybe an honest mistake.

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Never really had a pleasant experience in a taxi in anyplace I've been to; whether it be in Japan, the U.S., Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, etc. Drivers either are rude, try to rip you off, or drive like madmen. The only time it makes sense to be in one, is if you and three other friends are in it and can split the cost.

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London cabbies are the best in the world.

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I had a taxi driver take me from Itea won out to Kimpo International Airport, first he said something like 2,000 won, ok! Then we we get to the airport he said it was more like 8,000 won, and of course no meter etc..I asked why?? He says, the heavy traffic, used up too much gasoline I said, I AM GOING TO CALL A POLICE MAN!!! He gave me HALF PRICE and let me out real quick, so instead of 2 thousand won it went to 1 thousand won, yes, thank god for those hard core South Korean police, the natives there are really, really scared of them!

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