Rich nations snap up vaccine stocks in global race for jab


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Unproven with taxpayers money.

not against vaccines, but I’m for proper research. Some things take time, not capitalism or politics

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U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to begin inoculating Americans within weeks.

Curious how Trump interpreters will spin this to his antivax followers. How will the R's rapid response team, Qanon and others in the fringe/wack media be able to convince the antivaxxers their Trump's not siding with the alien reptiles trying to shoot them up with mind control medicines.

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so called anti-vax people wouldnt be taking it.

Speaking for myself, I just want an accepted vaccine so that liberals can stop politicizing corona and whining about that there isnt a vaccine yet. Then each person can choose if they take it or not.

Myself, I dont need a vaccine for something that only 0.02% of the population even got in the first place that few people die from without comorbidities that I dont have. I just want YOU to have a vaccine so you cant use the lack of one as a lame excuse to elect Joe Biden.

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Or we could just wait until we reach herd 'mentality'. Never mind how many people die before we achieve that.

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Just because you deny it doesn't mean it's not true

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Wonderful that drug corporations can reap billions for vaccines which don’t yet exist.

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As long as they don't make it mandatory, they're welcome do what they want with their 'vaccine'. I'm pro-choice and each to their own. Others should take the jab if they believe it will help them, whereas people like me who won't go near it (mandatory or not) should have the option to say "No thanks".

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Yes thats the bad part of having a vaccine once we get one made.

How the government might try to force people to take it who dont want to by linking it to something we need or want. Like cant go to the movies without proof of vaccination, cant go school, cant travel, etc.

Another reason I dont want Dems in charge, I dont trust that they wont try to force everyone to take it once coronavirus has fulfilled their political purposes by its existence.

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