Rich, poor nations divided over climate talks


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Kyoto was a joke that required some countries to cut their emmisions but would allow others like russia and china to actually increase their emmisions. Pfft...more U.N hogwash.

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china is one of the world biggest polluters. if they aren't going to agree to hard targets, i certainly wouldn't.

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China must be laughing the pants off.

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Pro Enviroment and eco-friendly talks need to go up. There is need for all nations to up eco enviroment friendly activities, in all aspects of global economic activity.

More savings systems in energy use and new form enviro friendly energy ways should go up. Crude high price at USD 70 over a barrel,requires nations to save more on energy use to stablise energy price. More solar,wind and all other new forms of electric power should go up.

There can no limits to expansions in global enviroment protection industries. There also can be no limits of enviro friendly activities in all individual citizens.

Earth is approaching 7000 million people,so all nations need to more careful on nature/enviroment in economic activity. The latest advances in all fields of energy production tech and enviro protection tech, in all economic activities should go up.

More people should use PCs to do business projects/research and reduce Car use to minimum.

Cars need to used to minimum to save energy and Public transport systems should go up,to compensate for transport efficiency loss. Every nation will need to its best for the enviroment.

Nations who are not rich and consume less,also help the enviroment in many ways. More nations should encourage cyber world use,to educate people. There should encouragement for more PC users in all nations.

There is no need to discourage PC users in energy usage, to save energy,as this energy usage is very low.

People not accessing knowledge via searches ,is a slowdown of the global knowledge increase via PC users.

Using PCs for games,can be waste of energy. Most internet centres today exist,because of Games,no point discouraging Games on PCs to save energy. Different levels of enviro protection need to apply for all nations.

Developed nations using more energy ,should take the lead. The expansion of the new revolution idea-actions for global enviroment,should go up.

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I wonder what the discussion would be like: We the rich country have already exploited the hell out of the planet to enriched ourselves with no concern for the impact on the environment. But you developing countries cannot do what we did you have to abide by a set of rules governing the environment and even if that means no development for you. We got in first hahahah

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fds - china is one of the world biggest polluters. if they aren't going to agree to hard targets, i certainly wouldn't. on a per capita basis, americans by far are the worse.

everton2 - couldn't agree with you more.

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Cap and trade will lead to "soilent Green is people" China would be all to happy to see others abide by strong new carbon emissions rules that it doesn't have to follow, it's good for business. I hope the climate talks fall apart for the sake of all of us in the first world struggling to put food on our families' tables. This psuedo science is yet another attack on the middle class by the elite.

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China cares for one thing and it is power.

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