Right-wing incumbent favored to win as Quebec votes

By Anne-Sophie THILL

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While it's disappointing to see such a low turnout, it is good to see that more of the people who are voting chose right-of-centre candidates. The left's endless lecturing, lax immigration policies, climate hysteria, and suppressing freedom of speech, movement and association are finally coming back to bite it. Let's hope that this is a building wave that has started in Sweden and Italy and will swamp the left until they come to their senses.

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If they want more francophones, why don't they just invite French speakers from around the world to move there. I'm sure lots of people from France would take the opportunity of escaping European energy rationing and Macron.

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Interesting how the clear bias in this article is so obvious. Not even trying to cover it up- calling the winning party in the election a "motley" right wing party.

A "right wing party" that favors equality for men and women, secular ideals, a non religious government, public support for education.

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