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Riot police use tear gas to halt protest in Iran


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The revolution going on Iran via Mousavi, a more responsive to iran people revolution.

Definitely their messages,now hitting the whole of iran,for next election campaign policies of reformist . The former PM of Iran ,MOUSAVI is now a big factor in Iran.

I bet next election,he will win or he will have big clout in Iran's present administration via people power of Mousavi supporters.

Iran can only get better from here.

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The question is when will the next elections be? Indeed why is it we see no rallies in support of Ahmadinejad? Ahmadinejad/Khamenei could easily end the bloodshed by ording new elections and if they indeed won by a landslide there should be nothing to fear. Instead their deception of the Iranian people is unraveling, their true nature shown. While the loss of life at the hands of their own government is appalling, I hope the Iranian people are able to persevere. The world is watch and rooting for you.

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The fist the regime shows Obama and the rest of the world is not only "clenched" but stained with the blood of innocents as well.

What is our rookie president going to do now - sit down and write another autobiography?

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teleprompter what do you want President Obama to do? Get on stage somewhere or in the Oval office and jump up and down scream and threaten Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with ___?

You want the US involved in another war? What do you want President Obama to say? < :-)

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Mousavi! Mousavi! Where is my vote?

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I'm amazed at the Iranian people. Standing up and marching and protesting to get their voices heard. This is democracy at work. These are people that want change. People that want their voices heard.

I'm sorry to hear about those who have died or have been imjured. My prayers to their families.

I'm glad to be watching this. < :-)

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Iran unclenches its fist just long enough to slap Obama in the face.

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I'm amazed at the Iranian people. Standing up and marching and protesting to get their voices heard. This is democracy at work.

The people voted for Ahmadinejad (that is democracy!), who was expected to win according to independent polls taken before the election. These protesters are being manipulated by external forces who want to destabilize Iran.

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Barack Obama, before the regime began cutting off contact with the outside world and gunning down innocent Iranians:

"We are excited to see what appears to be a robust debate taking place in Iran and obviously, after the speech that I made in Cairo, we tried to send a clear message that we think there’s a possibility of change and, ultimately, the election is for the Iranians to decide but just as what has been true in Lebanon, what can be true in Iran as well, is that you’re seeing people looking at new possiblities, and whoever ends up winning the election in Iran, the fact that there’s been a robust debate hopefully will help advance our ability to engage them in new ways."

Democrats here, if you believe in your party please find a way to impress upon your dear leader that he is not campaigning anymore, he has to lead.

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Good on Germany. They have a real leader.

"Germany sides with those Iranians who want to exercise their right to freedom of expression and assembly", Merkel declared on Sunday.

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I find amusing that some people say that is all the doings of the USA and other people saying that Obama is doing nothing. Most of the time, the trut is somewhere in the midle of the two extremists point of view.

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why should obama support Masouvi?

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Its funny how every article on Iran recently always cites the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which is actually the overthrow of the "Western" backed Shah, to the current structure that it is under Khamenei (Who supports Amahdinejad), and who was predecessor to Khomeini, the one who started the 1979 Revolution, and had 6,000,000 (Thats 6 Million) people out on the streets supporting him, about 10-20 times more people than out there today today. Imagine that many (6M) people on the streets cheering for one man who just returned from exile to replace a "Western" backed Shah. Even Khomeini's funeral had 2,000,000 (thats 2 million people) attend his funeral, and they almost broke his casket trying to get a glimpse of him, and they had to redo the whole funeral because it got so crowded)

The people shouting God is Great are not the true Iranian Muslims that were shouting it in 1979, and the reason why there is so much media attention, is because it is mostly coming from Iranians that left their country behind, have become westernized themselves, and effectively abandoned their true religion and country in the name of profit-making, the very thing that is causing unprecedented unemployment, and threatening the financial markets world-wide. Something to think about.

So now there are probably 100-200 thousand protestors, blown up to sound like hundreds of thousands, at least two thirds of them are under 25 years old, of rowdy, ignorant, and selfish protestors, wanting their country to be westernized so they can have playstation portables and walmarts, to the embarrasment of 69 Million pious and humble Iranians, with almost no connection with the Western world (intentionally), and who are scared and confused about what is going on. And then there are these yahoos screaming God is Great in the middle of the night.

This is the biggest media sham I have ever seen. After more than 50 years of this with almost every country in the world, the West just won't give up, even despite the worlds largest ever financial crisis, unprecendented unemployment, California declaring bankruptcy, and still wasting money in Afganistan and Iraq. And now they want to spend more money to waste on North Korea, a country where people, including their leader frankly, live on $5 a day.

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Anybody who came here the last few years bleating about how Iran would be democratic if it weren't for the US-UK Cold War decision of over fifty years ago to depose Mossadegh but who is now saying that the US and the West need to refrain from any intervention or even condemnation of the regime is a hypocrite and a liar.

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"Indeed why is it we see no rallies in support of Ahmadinejad?"

Heh, because everyone knows the score. At least he's having the good grace to keep a low profile - I bet old Mahmoud's nipping about a frenzied people riot snuffing happening on his person.

Instead of mindless shrieking about President Obama or ex-President Bush as per above, I'm gald to see the fundie regime feel the heat. They can only surpress this for so long.

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Wonderful to see the helpers of Ahmedinejad and mullahs in action.

Obama will certainly enjoy shaking the presidents hands and showing deep respect to the "supreme leader". Good dhimmi!

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" The people voted for Ahmadinejad (that is democracy!), who was expected to win according to independent polls taken before the election. These protesters are being manipulated by external forces who want to destabilize Iran. "

Ah sure, the voice of Al Jazeera on JT. Dare I guess that your evil "external forces" include the dreaded US and Israel?

Keep giving us the islamist perspective, Sabi.

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Maybe it is time the media and the authorities look into the tens of millions in illegal campaign donations Obama accepted from foreign sources. Maybe he wants to speak out on Iran but he can't ...

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I guess you guys work for the US government. How much do you get paid per post?

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