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Rioting engulfs Athens, buildings burn before vote


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Communist Party spokesman: "And you disgracefully blame the struggling people who created the wealth we have."

You don't have wealth, due to communist/socialist policies, you've spent all your money and all your children's money.

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These mess are created by the past politicians. A good starting point to pacify all suffering citizens is to canel all the pensions paid to the retired politicians. Cut salaries to all politicians by 90% so they understand what it means by living in poverty. Make all current & past government MPs liable for all stuff ups &have their properties including their spouses' confiscated.

Japan is moving in the same direction as Greece - 220% GDP of public debt!

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Good on the people for fighting back. Hopefully this will galvanise people round the world to start taking to the streets to fight this evil.

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Good on the people for fighting back.

Yes, burning buildings in their own capitol should fix things up right away.

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Most governments on the planet are bankrupt, some have more credit, however in the end no country can spend more than they have in the long run, see America.

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Yes, burning buildings in their own capitol should fix things up right away.

To be honest though, the majority of people would never do something like that. There is a very small minority of few hundreds of anarchists who are well - known for these vandalisms. They were probably the same ones who burnt Athens both in 2010 and in December 2008 riots. The problem is that the legal system protects them and, even if they are arrested by the riot officers, they are always released after a few days. Indeed, most of the protesters despise these so called anarchists because they create a bad image to the peaceful protests that take place.

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Most of the rioters were not born when Greece joined the European Community . But they had a vote and you only get the government you vote for.

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The Greek politicians have been handing out money to their cronies and "jobs" to friends for years. They lavished money on the citizens to gloss over their corruption. Now that the financial crisis has exposed their folly this is what they have left. Not pleasant.

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Actually, I shouldn't be so hard on the Greeks. New York is about the same for patronage politics...

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