Thai soldiers spray gunfire, tear gas at protesters


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This is the beginning

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Beginning of what? The New World Order?

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i guess it is the beginning of the end. thaksin is going full speed hitting his own country, start with 250 a day, now 500 a day. bus driver get as much as 5000 a trip. it seem like he really know how to help the poor-red!

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77 injured at crackdowns in bangkok.

Army and police need to very professional work to cool down conditions in Thailand and start dialogues to iron out pro thaksin camp/thai govt woes.The yellow royalist gave PM post to vejjajiva from thaksin's brother in law Wongsawat(People's power party).

Now Thaksin supporters, the red shirts,want new elections to bring their choice of PM and thaksin back into power. Seem like a circle game for thai's PM status.

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An old lady atop one of the vehicles screamed “Democracy!”

Get them grannies pissed and look out!

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Pity. and all for what - poor Thais will stay poor whoever ends up running the place

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if people can't eat or buy anything people will revolt

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Guess tourism in Thailand is going to go down again. Cambodia anyone?

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“Thai soldiers spray gunfire, tear gas at protesters”

JT, could you perhaps modify this headline a little because it really does read like the army have just fire into the crowd, which may well happen, but as yet hasn’t. So it might be a good idea to keep your dramatic headline until you have something dramatic to report. What is happening now is enough, save the over the top writing, you may well need it later.

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memyself- Thailand is 3rd richest nation in south east asia with GDP(PPP) of USD 9,000 which is higher than China with GDP(PPP) of USD 6000 or India at USD3000. Many nations will have scarcity of rice food,it was not for thailand rice farming.

Also thailand is 24 th most important country in world, for global economy and has annual GDP(PPP) of 555 billion USD. Thailand also is 20th in size in world, in terms of people.

Thailand has cleverness and enough honesty, in attracting tourists,investment and doing business.

Thailand has hosted the Asian games the most number of times,as compared to many other asian nations. The freedom in thailand is one of the best in world,which also is reason for its attraction to global travellers. Plenty of freedom also has its disadvantages..

Survabhumi airport,thai airlines,hotels,beach hotels and other tourism infrastructures are the biggest in south east asia.

China has to catch to thailand's quality of life,not thailand has to catch up.

In fact many nations import rice grains and othe food stuffs from thailand. The reason thai tourism is big sucess,is because abundance of low cost quality food in thailand and abundance of beach holiday resorts.

It is not they can't buy anything,they want more and want to be richer. Only thailand is thailand,no other nation can be like thailand,every nation of world has its uniqueness. Most of the people of thailand are very good and decent folk unlike what is potrayed by media.

There is some segment of society as usual,who creates all sort of mischiefs in thailand, as can be expected in all nations. Thailand is vey much in media attention,because of its huge foreign visitor population. Thailand also is not an english speaking nation and is a thai speaking nation.

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