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Riots in China's Xinjiang region kill 27: Xinhua


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China, that bastion of peach, harmony and ethnic unity. Should worry more about their Western Regions than silly little islands in the east.

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They better not turn into a different form of Taliban. Those muslim extremists are just troubles. Didn't we identify the Turkish and Uighur terrorists groups working with the Taliban not long ago?

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Just hope this doesn't become another Tiananmen square...

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If Islamist separatists can strike in a police-state like Russia as they have multiple times, there is a strong possibility they could also use terrorism in China. Beijing had better be very careful here...

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Highball7, did we? I must have missed that, can you provide some links?

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These Muslims are not bad, they are not terrorists! The Han Chinese, have been invading their lands, the Uighurs for some time now. The Muslim Uighurs have been made 2nd or 3rd class citizens in THEIR OWN LAND, so Beijing calls them terrorists?? Sorry, but Beijing needs to clean up the corrupt Han Chinese majority before they go screwing around in Urumqi etc..me thinks.

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Maybe China should give this province back to the Uighurs.

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If Islamist separatists can strike in a police-state like Russia as they have multiple times, there is a strong possibility they could also use terrorism in China. Beijing had better be very careful here...

You're also forgetting this is China, they're not above a little genocide. China has been infringing on everyone's territory lately in an effort to expand for more resources. In this case the Uighur are completely innocent and are doing what Tibet should have done. Protect their land. This is a situation where I'd say Islamic extremism is not the problem here, but it has now helped open the gate for Islamic extremism from other countries to grow due to China trying to claim land that doesn't belong to them. China doesn't care much about its own people since the PRC believes the people are there to serve the rich and powerful in the government etc. Which means they'll be more than happy to take it by force.

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How can anyone support the Uyghurs in this? The Uyghurs are not native to Xinjiang, the capital of the Uyghur Khaganate was in Ordu-Baliq, Mongolia. They are descended from the Tiele people from Mongolia. Even if they theoretically were native to the area, the continued terrorism and violence against innocent Han people such as in the 1992 and 1997 Ürümqi bus bombings and the July 2009 riots, where more than 130 Han were killed by Uyghurs, cannot be forgiven.

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Fortunately these terrorists are really a minority. When I visited Xinjiang, I found the local people a very happy lot just like us common folks. Of course there are always disgruntled people. But when they resort to violence to kill innocent people, whether in China, Russia, the US, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan or anywhere in the world, they must be stopped! Problems like this exist in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia etc. Singapore is constantly on her guard and there are patrols in every mass rapid transport station. The little country has no separatist movement.

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China's ham-handed policies will always invite violence.

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Agree Realist

You don't hear about "them damned muslims"(sarc) having any problems in Detroit, the largest population in the US. Why, why strive to treat everyone equal. It's not perfect, but it's the only way.

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Dilbert14, ask and you shall receive, here are the sources:


Or search for the name Yusef Abbas.

Chinese Uighur among over a dozen held since the mid 2000s at Gitmo for terrorism and link to Taliban.

Apparently, several of them are still being held.

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