Riots over Koran burning test Swedish tolerance

By Johannes LEDEL

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Riots over Koran burning test Swedish tolerance:

No matter how 'free' is the country, try eschew from repeatedly hitting on very sensitive religious issue.

Koran is most sacred to Muslims, absolutely revered by them.

Halt burning, otherwise things may easily get out of hands..

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"We are living in a democracy with far-reaching freedoms of speech and the press and we should be very proud of that," he said.

Unless you want to use Huawei devices, or maybe check out Russian media on...anything.

They seem to make a lot of fuss about placing freedom of speech on a pedestal, despite only really caring about it when it suits what they agree with already. Which to be entirely fair, I don't necessarily disagree with, I think freedom of speech is sometimes far too venerated and I don't think states need to allow everyone to say anything. Just don't be a hypocrite about it.

In which case, you should ban hate speech too, unless you actually tacitly support what this man is doing.

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Exactly !

It's just printed paper.

And the message was lost in translation anyway.

Now if it was the original copy that would be different.

A little prejudice tho to burn it in spiteful acts.

Next they can burn the Bible or flags to get attention.

Just making trouble by burning the books.

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