Riots spread in 2 Greek cities after teen killed


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Throw their asses in jail

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So if the police are barred from going in after them, send in the Military! Totally agree with their right to protest, but only to a point... rioting on this level takes it way too far, especially when you start attacking your own who had nothing to do with what happened. Agree with above, jailtime for a whole lot of punks. Even better, jail time with hard labor to repair all the damage.

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FreeInJapan, obviously you are not aware of the sensitivities of the Greek people regarding the (mis)use of the military. The only time the military has entered the Polytechnic was during the student uprising that led to the dismantling of the dictatorship 30odd years ago. Also your sensitivity is limited to what is happening to material goods - not a word from you regarding the loss of a life. In all history, in every country, riots erupt when people are brought to their limits. Look what happens in France, UK, US etc. The protests in Greece are spontaneous and students of all ages, political organisations are taking part. Oh, the killed child was out celebrating a friend's birthday. Nothing to do with the anarchists or the leftists, several groups of which are calling for restraint and peaceful protesting.

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However, these events do happen almost every week in the center of Athens and especially in the area district of Exarchia which has became the Anarchist's fortress. These anarchists tend to believe that burning a few cars, destroying some shops and beating professors of the University is not a big deal and they just demonstrate their hate against the Capitalist system. They are totally wrong and somebody HAS to stop them. Of course, the murder of this child must be punished but this way of protesting is totally unacceptable.

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A shame. I lived in Athens and really liked the place other than the pollution - never once felt threatened there....

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Oh, the killed child was out celebrating a friend's birthday.

I read one Reuters report saying he and 5 pals threw rocks at a police car and he was shot as he was about to hurl a molotov coktail at the cops. Dont know who to believe, but if the latter turns out to be true, then its a pretty odd way to celebrate a birthday.

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Both cops involved are under arrest yet they continue to engage in violence. What is Greek society to do simply allow these people to destroy with impunity. I suspect that some of these protesters are using this incident to settle old scores. If my car was parked on the street and it was firebomb I would not be incline to understand the position of the rioters regardless. Throw their asses in jail, in fact under the jail.

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