Rockets hit Hezbollah Beirut heartland


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“We are idiots if we do not act,”

You can stop after the first three words, don't need any conditions.

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Keep killing each other....

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Wonder who fired the rockets...

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Rockets probably fired by the west-backed terrorists.

I hope Syria can clean this mess up quickly and get rid of all these foreign mercenaries.

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Rockets probably fired by the west-backed terrorists.

Well, I guess Saudi Arabia and Qatar are to the 'west' - of Iran. Maybe Syrians should refer to them as 'south-backed' terrorists? Or is it 'north-backed' (a.k.a Turkey)?

As for "The West", I'm guessing it's sort of a no-win situation (as in, they hope neither Asad, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and friends, etc., win, and continue to kill each other off ad-infinitum).

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