Rodman 'sorry' after controversial North Korea trip


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Rodman delivered an angry tirade in which he appeared to suggest that the missionary merited his 15-year prison sentence.

Well did he or didn't he? What did he say? Seems like sloppy reporting, putting out the nuance that he did it, without actually printing his comments.

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Did they get Medals for making complete asses of themselves in front of the whole world?

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Well I watched the tirade last week at a pizza parlor in the US where just as I was enjoying the first slice he came on and started mumbling incoherently and angrily. Me and the guy next to me looked at each other and both said he looks like he is crazy. It sounded like he was on drugs or something. The media will spare no expense to make him look like a fool.

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.................. The media will spare no expense to make him look like a fool.

The isn't making him look like a fool at all, the guy himself is making him look like a fool, and in actual fact he is a F O O L

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Did he get to "meet the Gangnam Guy"?? Tyson should pop by his place and give him a stern talking to.....

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This Rodman guy seems like a first class idiot!

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Seems like sloppy reporting, putting out the nuance that he did it, without actually printing his comments.

Rodman apologized to Bae's family for his outbursts. He knows he said something out of turn.

What he said on CNN was, "Do you understand what he did in this country?" Rodman asked Cuomo. "No, no, no, you tell me, you tell me. Why is he held captive here in this country, why?"

This made it seems like Bae did something to deserve the 15 year sentence he got. Then Rodman said it was because he was drinking before the interview.

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Great rebounder, total idiot.

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Rodman, do like celebrities have done in the past and just go away. Your 15 minutes is up

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It would seem that Dennis Rodman has found a way to stay 'relevant', while at the same time, picking up a nice payday for providing an unwitting (?) propaganda boost for the Machiavellian tyrant Kim Jong Un. Not only is Rodman interfering in the U.S. and other governments' attempts to isolate and discredit Kim, but he's doing it for personal gain, which makes it even worse. Watching his interview on CNN and reading his recorded statements, saying that Kim is his "best friend" and "friend for life", leaves one incredulous. Rodman is either incredibly naive/ignorant or incredibly selfish. Take your pick.

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He's just a has-been sport star who can't accept his new invisible status.

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Supreme idiot

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Don't worry Dennis, we're not laughing with you. In fact, given that this is so serious we're not laughing at all.

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The only difference between Rodman and a circus clown is Rodman uses tattoos and the circus clown uses face paint.

...Oh, and circus clowns are more dignified than Rodman is - hands-down.

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Everyone is sorry. Sorry that Rodman was given so much attention when he deserves nothing. The problem with a guy like this is that he has wealth but no brains. They earned the money running up and down a basketball court. CNN ran a story about college graduates in professional sports who cannot read, write or do simple math. Rodman fits the classic college clown profile. Too stupid to understand how he was used by Kim.

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I'll bet Dennis felt real ashamed after reading the comments on him on JT.

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as dumb as he may be, I think he is better than G.W.Bush who invaded a bad country on false pretenses for personal gain for himself and friends,,,

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So he got criticized by that idiot thug, Mike Tyson??? What an honor!! Treason?? Sorry Mike, you are an over grown idiot, that huge ass gap between your front teeth looks more like treason to me!!

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Serrano "I'll bet Dennis felt real ashamed after reading the comments on him on JT." Sorry, Rodman is another university graduate who can't read. He probably doesn't even know where Japan is. Athlete only enroll in universities to play and make money for the school. Maybe one of his handlers can explain it to him, but that is doubtful, too.

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This article is entirely biased against Rodman's humanitarian work in North Korea. Is someone in media on the take? Let's remember that, when asked, Donald Trump said that Rodman seemed to be doing a better job than most politicians. Will most people prefer to side with the outburst of an ear-biting ex-boxer instead? Public personalities aside, people should evaluate Rodman's activity for themselves. Personally, I hope that his work creates enough warmth in concert with existing political pressures to prevent any bad events that might otherwise have happened in the future from North Korea.

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