Romney closing Israeli fundraiser to reporters


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So who knows what he is agreeing to behind closed doors? A promise to attack Iran perhaps? The thing is that by acting this way it immediatly appears that he has got something to hide. Which I doubt he has.

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We must try to get outraged about this.

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Nothing to hide, eh, Mitt? Or maybe Mitt just doesn't want the media to pick up on his daily gaffes anymore as he'll no doubt make some moronic remarks at the fundraiser.

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Yes, his policy statements concerning Israel won't be anything new. This is all about damage control if he screws up.

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This is not surprising in the slightest.

Mitt balls up his trip even before he left the States.

He and his handlers are clearly terrified he'll not just put his foot in his mouth again but bury it there, hence the closed doors.

Until this week, I used to think Mitt Romney was intelligent and well bred.  Now, it's becoming clear he's just like conservatives in general - thinking is burdensome, intelligence and intellect are to be shunned, and he is shackled by outdated social views.

First it was his taxes, now it's this meeting.  What next? What is Mitt hiding?

Heh, the Republicans' all out efforts to throw this election continue.

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This isn't sending out the right image. He is already held in suspicion over taxes and this just exacerbates it. All very secretive. I have visions of Mitt stroking a Persian Cat at this 'fundraiser'.

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You've got to laugh at the charade that is  Republicans' pathetic pandering to Israel - all due to Biblical statements about Israel being the chosen city.

Can conservatives even prove the authenticity of those verses, let alone the Bible?

Nope, but they'll sure as heck put it at the core of their foreign policy, while simultaneouosy discrediting all other religions, including Mitt's.

The hypocrisy might be manageable if only it wasn't so shameless and shallow.  :-)

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Obama does this all the time. Looks like the Romney team is having some fun with the double standards. Winding up the pro-Hamas, Israel haters on a website like this is just a bonus for the rest of us.

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USagold -"pro-Hamas Israel haters"?

That would be even funnier if you were half serious. :-)

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Obama's press secretary does not know the name of the capital city of Israel any way, so why should U.S. liberals worry?


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Mitt's campaign is getting paranoid and circling the wagons.

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You've got to laugh at the charade that is Republicans' pathetic pandering to Israel - all due to Biblical statements about Israel being the chosen city.

About 70 million chuckles from yesterday's JT Romney article I'd say.

By Friday, Obama, himself, sought to upstage his Republican opponent.

One day before Romney’s visit to Israel, Obama signed legislation increasing military and civilian ties between the U.S. and Israel. And he authorized the release of an additional $70 million in military aid for Israel, a previously announced move that appeared timed to Romney’s trip.

While Obama sometimes signs bills in private, the White House invited reporters and photographers into the Oval Office—and made sure the cameras captured both the signing and the president flanked by Jewish-American leaders.

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@sushisake, who says to this forum

You've got to laugh at the charade that is Republicans' pathetic pandering to Israel - all due to Biblical statements about Israel being the chosen city.

Israel is not a city.

If you bothered, after some basic world geography, to read a little US history you would learn that Truman ( he was a Democrat) was the first major world leader to recognize Israel. Then Kennedy (he was also a Democrat) sold them weapons to help them defend themselves. LBJ (he too was a Democrat) was a great friend of Israel also.

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Hate so say it but Democratic and Republican administrations alike have generally shown unequivocal support for Israel, even in the face of gross infringements of human rights and international law. Obama's powderpuff attempts to seek compromise were flatly dismissed by Netenyahu and very little was said thereafter. It's a little disingenuous to attack Mitt or the Republicans for bias towards Isael.

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Sorry - Hate 'to' say it

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If Mitt is elected we will be at war with Iran. He will be manipulated just like bush was to invade Iraq by his handers.

Want a third US war in the ME, vote for the rich boy toy mitt (who of course is loaded himself-but does not have Adelson money). Bush wasted trillions on two wars, both of which failed.

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Zurcronium – “If Mitt is elected we will be at war with Iran.”

It’s well worth noting how much the Christian Bible and Christianity is behind a lot of this.

The Biblical command to Christians to go out and make disciples of all men – didn’t include the command to kill any who disagreed, but that certainly didn’t stop Christians slaughtering millions in the Crusades and Inquisition, not to mention the witch burnings.

And a quick glance at the countries the U.S. has invaded recently – all Muslim/non-Christian nations.

The exclusitivity of the Bible clearly states that those who do not commit their lives to Christ will go to hell. Is the GOP trying to speed up the process by starting all these wars?

And the Israel link that has many U.S. politicians bending over backwards to appease that state? Not surprisingly, the connection is purely biblical.

And it’s exactly the same Bible that states that those who work on the Sabbath should be put to death (Exodus 35:2), possessing slaves is OK if they are purchased from neighboring nations (Mexico? Canada? - Leviticus 25:44), and that it’s OK to sell your own daughter into slavery (as sanctioned in Exodus 21:7).

Interestingly, the same God who said this about Christians’ friends and family who entice Christians to other gods: “Show them no pity. Do not spare them or shield them. You must certainly put them to death.” (Deuteronomy 13:6-10), is the same god who commanded genocide, infanticide, murder, slavery and rape in the Old Testament.

Once you come to understand motivations and drivers like these, the actions of many U.S. politicians quickly becomes a lot clearer.

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It seems extremely important that to win an American election (at most levels), a candidate needs a whole bunch of money to create a propaganda campaign that is about as factually truthful and honest (i.e. deceptive) as any other commercials you can watch on TV. Can you imagine contributing (at least) $50,000 to a politician? Of course, if you already have millions, I guess it might be peanuts to you. However, besides maybe being able to get some tax credits for your donation, you just have to expect something in return. Could it just possibly be that whoever wins an American Presidential election might be forced to be more beholden to their major contributors (without whom, it appears, they couldn't win an election) than the vast majority of the electorate who actually voted for them? So, I wonder what Mitt's supporters in Israel (including Las Vegas job/slave creator and part-time gargoyle Sheldon Adelson, who has already given millions to Mitt, and even Newt) expect in return?

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Billy, you're dead right

Pollies depend on corporate 1% types to throw cash at them and - of course - they expect benefits in return - usually favorable policy.

Joe 6-pack'a biggest mistake is to think pollies actually represent the people.

When you wile away that delusion, politics males a lot more sense.

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Jews in America, the folks with the closest ties to Israel, overwhelmingly support Democrat$. How little the comments here reflect the realities of US politics. Talk of The 1 percent, Adelson, the Bible allowing Americans to own slaves etc., it is some good chuckles.

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@usagold: I fail to see why the thought of an inconsequential sleaze ball like Adelson, who has amassed a fortune off the misery of others, hobnobbing with a Presidential candidate is a source of "some good chuckles". That this kind of man could have the ear of a future President should be a source of deep concern.

What kind of man is he? If the Spanish government let him build a casino complex there, they'll have to do it the Adelson way: "Some of Adelson’s terms have been widely published in the press. They reportedly include tax breaks; social security exceptions; and reforms to anti-smoking, labor, and immigration laws; on top of land concessions and significant public spending in surrounding areas. Some of them violate existing Spanish laws – such as bans on smoking in casinos, gambling by minors and gambling addicts, and money laundering – and exceptions or changes to the laws would require parliamentary approval."

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Romney has Adelson. Obama has the likes of Soros. Democracy is messy.

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Romney has Adelson. Obama has the likes of Soros. Democracy is messy.

Now that is worth a "good chuckle"! Comparing Soros to Adelson. LOL. E.g. Soros donated $50,000,000 to the UN Millennium Project to fight poverty around the world. Adelson donates to the Republican Party (so he can make even more money) and Israel. Nothing "messy" about those facts...clear as a bell.

Adelson: Originally a Democrat, Adelson became a Republican as his wealth increased. "Why is it fair that I should be paying a higher percentage of taxes than anyone else?" he once asked. He began making major contributions to the Republican National Committee following clashes with labor unions at his Las Vegas properties. In February 2012, Adelson told Forbes Magazine that he's “against very wealthy ­people attempting to or influencing elections. But as long as it’s doable I’m going to do it.

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Do your posts have a point to be addressed ? You call this Adelson character inconsequential, but you seem to think that with 1 million he can buy an election in America, where the annual GDP alone is over 15 trillion dollars.

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Do your posts have a point to be addressed ?

He's the face of the Republican party. He represents the mindset of the majority of its politicians and supporters. GOP= Greed on Parade. It's the prime reason for people voting Republican; they want to contribute as little as possible to other people in society. Greed has been a prime and effective motivator, but it is reaching its natural conclusion. And the result has become unacceptable as the world is suffering from the craving for corporate profit above all else.

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