Romney, Republicans top Obama's May fundraising


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At a San Francisco fundraiser Wednesday, Obama told donors that “the other side” doesn’t have any new ideas. “And because they don’t have any new ideas, what they will do is spend 500, 700, a billion dollars in negative ads and their simple message will be: This is someone else’s fault and that’s enough reason for you to vote for us,” he said.

A lot of people are tired of hearing the blame game.

The most earned in campaign funds doesn't mean it will buy the presidential election just like money in sports don't guaranteed a championship.

When campaign ads come on Youtube, on the TV, on the websites the campagin ad gets turned off or go to another website or channel. Campaigns ads are overrated and they reiterate the same biased mantra. A majority of people already knows who they will elect.

People have more outlets today than ever because of Facebook/social networks, Twitters, blogs, and websites to decides who is the better candiate for the job. The media have taken sides which leaves the facts out. People are smart enough to decipher what the media is spinning.

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skipbeat Well said!

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Time for all good liberals who are devoted to Obama to make up this deficit The One is experiencing. After all, George Clooney, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jon Bon Jovi, et. al., have just so much money to give to him. Come on, folks, step up to the plate and help your Messiah. Don't spare a penny/yen/franc, etc. He needs all your income for his political jihad against the eeeeeeeevil republicans.

Operators are standing by to take down your bank account(s) information so present and future earnings can be automatically transferred into the Obama for Re-election Campaign Committee coffers. Don't wait. Call now. Spread your wealth by helping Barack. You will never know how much it'll mean to him.


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even with controls to prevent illegal donations (untraceable, foreign) obama is still taking in less than romney? wow. can't wait to get back this summer and see all the 08 obama pod people wandering around looking like zombies.

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make that

even with controls to prevent illegal donations (untraceable, foreign) disabled by his campaign staff obama is still taking in less than romney?

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